Biology Internship Course - BIO400

BIO400 Biology Internship Presentations

18th Year Anniversary 

Wednesday, April 10, 2024 (8:30am – 5pm)

BIO400 Internship Applications Now Open!.

This course provides senior Biology students with the opportunity to apply their life science knowledge and skills in a work placement for academic credit. Placements are unpaid and require 200 hours of placement work over the full academic year. This equates to approximately one day of placement work per week. Placement hours can be completed on site or remotely (dependent on, and delineated by, the University and placement site) and within regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm). Biology placements can be throughout the GTA in both the private (e.g., pharmaceutical industry, biotech companies, etc.) and public (e.g., hospitals, government agencies, etc.) sectors. The BIO400Y5 Experiential Learning Officer arranges placements for students after the successful completion of an initial interview, skills assessment, and resume review.

Best efforts are made to place students in sites that are appropriate to their academic backgrounds, interests, and experiences, but there are no guarantees as to the type of placement that is provided. Students will be asked to attend an interview with their provided placement site supervisors prior to beginning their placement work. All placements are subject to agreement by both the placement site and the student. Final acceptance into the course is dependent on being successfully accepted as an intern with a placement site. BIO400Y5 is a unique opportunity to experience a workplace setting.

There will be bi-weekly class meetings from September to April. A year-end report and a presentation are required to complete this course.

This course is available to students in a Biology program. The full set of requirements and application instructions can be found on the UTM Biology Student Quercus page. If you do not have access to this page, please contact


Choosing BIO400 or BIO481?

We understand that many students are confused about the differences between BIO400 and BIO481. Students cannot be concurrently enrolled in both BIO400 and BIO481. The Department of Biology held an information session for interested students. Current students, alumni, faculty and staff spoke about their experiences and answered questions about the two courses, helping students make informed decisions regarding their course selection.

Video Link:

We are holding an information session on March 6, 1pm-3pm in DV1142. RSVP 

Questions about these courses? Contact


Applications now open, deadline March 28, 2024, 11:59PM


1. Prepare your personal statement, placement rankings form, and resume (See details on the attachments below)

2. Collect contact information for ONE (1) UTM Faculty or TA referee. DO NOT request a letter from this referee; just obtain permission that they would be willing to act as a reference for this course.

3. Complete and submit the application form via MS Form: 

4. Upload the required documents when prompted on the form.

 Placement Ranking Details:

The following questions provide information to help us find the right placement for you. Please CLASSIFY your level of preference for each of these activity descriptors as High (H), Medium (M), or Low (L). Make a choice for every Activity, Subject, Work Environment, and Location. If there is an activity that you would likely refuse if such a position was offered to you, mark this item “X”.

Access the Placement Rankings form here

Personal Statement Details:

Upload a PDF document.

For your top 3 choices in the Placement Rankings Activity above, explain for each in turn why these items attract you more than the others Consider not only your strengths, but areas and Activities in which you would like to learn more about and improve your skills. For your lowest three rated Activities (including “X” ratings) briefly explain your low interest. Max. 250 words.


Upload in PDF format. We recommend that you review the on-line Resume & Cover Letter Toolkit ( available through the UTM Career Centre before you review and update your resume for this application. Be sure that your UTOR e-mail account is listed on your resume and no other e-mail account.

Everton Smith: The World of Kidney Transplantation

Supervised by: Segun Famure, Ajmera Transplant Centre, UHN


Lara Navarro: Facilitating Clinical Research Efforts

Supervised by: Bethany Lerman, Kinza Naeem, Adrienne Davis, SEARCH Program, The Hospital for Sick Children


The BIO400 Presentation Day tool place on April 10, 2023.

Click this link to find the Schedule for the day

We would like to congratulate all of our BIO400 students for completing their internships successfully this year! BIO400 is our internship course in which students are partnered with an organization within GTA for a work placement. We celebrated BIO400 student achievements in our BIO400 presentation days on March 31 and April 7 this year. This year we had two Best Presentation winners: Vanessa De Gregorio & Jhankhana Shah!


VanessaVanessa's BIO400 internship placement was at the Hospital for Sick Children where she focused on investigating the risk of premature atherosclerosis in survivors of childhood cancer under supervision of Dr. Paul Nathan, Ms. Anne Christie & Ms. Emily Lam.





JhankhanaJhankhana’s BIO400 internship was at the Acquired Brain Injury Research lab where she focused on conducting a systematic review on interventions targeting cognition in persons with primary central nervous system infection under supervision of Dr. Tatyana Mollayeva (KITE Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network).



Winners: Caterina Bordignon & Maryam Ishtiaq

Winner: Naila Alyousef
Runner up: Mariela Faykoo-Martinez

Winner: Sean Menezes (Health MaRS Discovery District)
Runner up: Joshua Foster (LightSpeed Physiotherapy)

2015-2016 BIO400 Class Photo #1



2015-2016 BIO400 Class Photo #2