Sanja Hinić-Frlog

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream/ Associate Chair, Undergraduate

I am an evolutionary biologist and palaeontologist interested in birds. I completed my undergraduate studies at Queen’s University and my graduate studies at the University of Toronto and University of California Davis. I have previously taught palaeontology and geology courses at Carleton University and University of California Davis. In addition to teaching, I enjoy field work and had opportunities to work both as a bird bander in California and Ottawa and a palaeontology field assistant in Alberta, China and Germany. I am currently teaching introductory physiology classes at UTM, including BIO202, Introduction to Animal Physiology and BIO210, Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology. I also teach a third year course in ornithology, BIO326. In addition to continuing research interest in functional morphology and evolution of locomotion in birds, I am currently investigating three different themes in science education: identification of misconceptions and threshold concepts in anatomy and physiology; impact of mental health and mental health perceptions on academic performance among science students at UTM; and, significance of field based teaching on student learning experiences in biology.