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Book each biology run space ⇒ click on the room number:

TA Office     DV2017   DV3019   DV4022

In addition to the TA office, DV2017, DV3019 and DV4022 are available. The capacity for each room is 3 people and bookings are not available over the lunch period (12-1) to allow for all users to access the fridge and warm up food. You may book it for one hour at a time, but can make multiple back-to-back bookings if you need to use the space for longer period on a given day.
Individuals utilizing these spaces must adhere to the following:
  • Access by T-Card
  • Utilize booking system to ensure max capacity of the room is not exceeded
  • Do not remove furniture from the room
  • Utilize sanitizer and disinfection wipes when necessary . For example, after using a shared appliance in the kitchen area.
  • Unless eating or drinking, a mask must be worn at all times
These spaces will be monitored to ensure proper practices are being followed. If non-compliance becomes an issue, these spaces may no longer be available for use by Departments.  Rooms are shared with Chemical & Physical Sciences and Psychology as appropriate.  To make a booking in one of the rooms please access the booking links above.  In addition, you will require T-Card access to these rooms, please email (UTORID and lab affiliation) if you foresee using one of the rooms. T-Card activations are currently processing in about 3-5 days.
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