Biology Research Course - BIO481


If you are interested in taking BIO481 in the summer or Fall/Winter 2021/2022, you should secure a supervisor. If you have any questions, please email Stephanie do Rego

Interested in a 4th year research course in Biology? Students in BIO481 earn a full credit while working on their own project in a Biology faculty member's lab. Students prepare a thesis on their work and present it at our Symposium in April.

Interested students should contact Biology faculty members in the winter or spring prior to enrolling in the course. If you do not have a supervisor by the end of May, you should make sure to satisfy any 4th year program and degree requirements with other courses while trying to secure a supervisor.

BIO400 & BIO481 Information Session:

We understand that many students are confused by BIO400 and BIO481, the differences between the courses. Since students are not able to complete both courses for credit, the Department of Biology will be holding an information session in on March 16, 2021 for students interested in completing BIO400 and/or BIO481. Current student, alumni, faculty and staff will be on hand to answer questions about the two courses to help students make an informed decision regarding course selection.

Info Session
March 16, 2021, 3-5pm
Register Here:

Registration deadline March 15, 2021, 11:59PM

Still not sure? Contact the Biology Department at to find out more.

BIO481 Best Presentation Award Winners


Symposium canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic

2019 Summer

Best Presentation: Kevin Hoang (Ensminger Lab)
Best Paper: Kevin Hoang (Ensminger Lab)

Growth performance and chlorophyll fluorescence in response to parental origins in white spruce (Picea glauca) seedlings


March 29, 2019 Symposium

Winner: Samuel Fung (Cheng Lab)

  • Sox2 ablation in the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus perturbs anxio-depressive behaviours in mice.

Winner: Ravneet Jaura (Rhee Lab)

  • Understanding the Role of Intergenic DNA Region of Hb9 Gene during Spinal Motor Neuron Differentiation

Runner up: Jenna Black (Short Lab)

  • The Dynamics of Viruses and Virophages that Infect C. parva, a Freshwater Algae

Runner up: Esther Jung (Shin Lab)

  • Increasing stringency of ME47 by reducing gIII expression in vitro


April 5, 2019 Symposium

Winner: Anuj Kaushal (Stewart Lab)

  • Determining Genetic Interactions with NSF in Drosophila melanogaster

Winner: Agatha Tymczak (Kanelis Lab)

  • Spectroscopically characterizing the regulatory region of yeast cadmium factor 1

Runner up: Zaleena Akheralie (Erclik Lab)

  • Characterizing Embryonic Optic Neuroblasts in the Developing Drosophila melanogaster Brain


  • Winner: Fahad Farooq (Wagner Lab)
    • Project title – The differential effect of pollination and seed dispersal on genetic diversity of a common tropical plant, Heliconia tortusoa
  • Runner up: Erika Frangione (Stefanovic Lab)
    • Project title – Plastid Genome Sequence Assembly and Annotation of a Parasitic Plant Species Cuscuta Africana
  • Runner up: Mahnoor Ayub (Lange Lab)
    • Project title – Investigating the role of SIFamide in feeding behavior of the blood-sucking bug, Rhodnius prolixus


  • Winner: Nikhil George (Short Lab)
  • Runner up: Jason Tang (Espie Lab)


  • Winners: Paul Penkul (Milstein Lab) and David Przelicki (Cheng Lab)
  • Runner up: Amara Rasool (Levine Lab)