Hamza Ansari (HBSc 2014)

Hamza AnsariJunior Professional Consultant, United Nations Development Program

Hamza Ansari graduated from the University of Toronto Mississauga in 2015 while leading UTM Students' Union initiatives in order to help students engage with broader issues. Through leading multiple projects and daily interaction with clients, government and university administration, he gained valuable leadership and negotiating abilities. Ansari contributes his corporate experience to working on a large technology project and serving as an account manager at a technology firm.

Since 2014, Ansari has served as the Chair of the Human Rights committee at United Nations Association of Canada where he works to engage with the local community with global issues, promote human rights campaigns and work with government and non-governmental organizations to foster international peace, justice, security and development of international issues. Currently, he works as a junior professional consultant at the United Nations Development Program where he collaborates with the Democratic Governance unit to build responsible institutions. He loves to give back to the UTM community as a student mentor.

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