Your privacy is important to us. As a U of T Mississauga alumnus, you will be sent regular information about your alma mater, including print and electronic publications, as well as information on upcoming events, lectures and exclusive alumni programs. In sending you this material, the University of Toronto Mississauga takes several steps to ensure that your privacy is maintained. We do not share, sell or trade our alumni membership list. At any time you may update your personal information.

Affinity Services - The University of Toronto is pleased to provide affinity service products and services specifically to our alumni community. Our privacy practices ensure that your personal information is not shared with our affinity partners. The university utilizes the services of a confidential mailing house in order facilitate all communication pertaining to these important programs. If you would prefer not to receive information pertaining to our affinity programs please contact with the subject line no affinity programs. You should also include your full name and student number so that we can verify your request.