Benjamin Schmidt (HBSc 2007)

Benjamin SchmidtPersonal Development Specialist and Business Coach, TAO Life Inc.

Benjamin Schmidt's path to get from UTM to making entrepreneurs more successful hasn't been straight forward. 

Schmidt double majored in psychology and business management with a minor in philosophy that helped him land his first post graduation job working with the sales and marketing departments for an online training platform provider. Despite his dislike for the job, he credits the web-based skills he learned as valuable assets to his future professional career.

His time at the organization ended when his father passed away and Schmidt returned home to Europe. During that time, he rekindled his interest in how the human mind works and immersed himself into learning about neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, and meditation.

Over the next five years, Schmidt worked as a personal development specialist and found himself becoming more involved with his clients' professional lives. Most recently, he created a comprehensive approach to help business owners increase their entrepreneurial success.

Today, Schmidt utilizes all of his experience working with individuals and businesses to enrich their professional productivity through business coaching, strategy consulting, and web marketing.

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