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The University of Toronto Mississauga is proud to have become a full member of the Ontario College Athletics Association (OCAA) in 2014-15 after many years of being a member for the OCAA's OCCCR.  

We are actively recruiting full-time student athletes to join our UTM Eagles Varsity teams.  Do you want to Become an Eagle? Check out the awards section to see our previous athlete's accomplishments. 

In 2016-17 UTM's varsity teams will continue in the following OCAA Tournament Sports:

In 2017-18 UTM's teams will enter the following OCAA Varsity League Sports:

In 2017-18 UTM will remain in all of our previous entered Varsity Tournament and League sports.

The Varsity Programs at UTM will have Development League teams.  Players not making our Varsity teams or who are only enrolled in part-time studies who are looking for a high level of sport competition will be able to try-out for these UTM Eagles Development Teams.  

For more information on the UTM Varsity Programs, stop by the Program Office or contact Jack Krist, Varsity Program Administrator at

All UTM Students are eligible to compete for the U of T Varsity Blues.*

Note: Any UTM student who participates in one or more U of T Varsity Blues tryouts for badminton, cross country, or soccer, will then be ineligible for UTM Varsity teams for one calendar year.  Thus, UTM student athletes cannot try-out for the Varsity Blues and then decide to try-out for the UTM Eagles in that same calendar year.  For more info on this rule, please contact Jack Krist, Varsity Program Administrator at

For more information on OCAA click the logo below.