Upcoming Events (2023-2024)

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2023-24 Events

FLS - March 21

Mar. 21, 12-1:30pm, MN 4207 - WGSS Feminist Lunch Series - Azul Baez: The Arts of Feminist Care Workshop - Register (*interactive workshop!)

Feminist Lunch Series - Mar 7 poster

Mar. 7, 12-1:30pm, MN 4207 - WGSS Feminist Lunch Series x International Women's Day - Linda Silver Dranoff: Feminist Law & Policy - Register

Dr. Nicole Spiegelaar poster

Feb. 29, 12-1:30pm, MN 4207 - WGSS Feminist Lunch Series - Dr. Nicole Spiegelaar: Feminist Environmental Care - Register

Feminist Lunch Series poster

Feb. 15, 12-1:30pm, MN 4207 - WGSS Feminist Lunch Series - Meghan Watson: Feminist Conversations in Mental Health, Wellness, and Care - Register

The Pleasure Project

Dec. 15, 9pm-2am, 967 College Street (The Society Clubhouse) - The Pleasure Project Launch Party: A Queer and Trans Research Lab Funded Project - Register

The Pleasure Project
Nov. 16, 7-9pm, WGSI Lounge (40 Willcocks Street, Toronto) - The Pleasure Project: A Queer and Trans Research Lab Funded Project - contact jordache.ellapen@utoronto.ca for more information
Asim Hussain event

Nov. 16, 12-1:30pm, MN 4207 - WGSS Feminist Lunch Series - Asim Hussain (@studentAsim): Canadian author and creative producer

Feminist Lunch Series poster

Oct. 19, 12-1:30pm, MN 4207 - WGSS Feminist Lunch Series co-sponsored with the Centre for South Asian Critical Humanities - Shireen Hassim, Carlton University Professor and Canada 150 Research Chair in Gender & African Studies: "Reclaiming hope as radical lexicon: Some experiments from African feminist political campaigns"

Feminist Lunch Series poster

Oct. 3, 12-1:30pm, MN 4207 - WGSS Feminist Lunch Series - WGSS Open House and Welcome with Beverly Bain, Victoria Tahmesebi-Birgani, and Gary Lee Pelleteir

Event poster for Afro-Latinidad in Literature and Visual Culture

Oct. 3, 1pm - Collaborative Digital Research Space (CDRS), Maanjiwe nendamowinan, UTM - Afro-Latinidad in Literature and Visual Culture 



2021-22 Events

Olivia Espin Event Poster

Mar. 29, 1pm - WGSS Feminist Lecture Series, in collaboration with the Peel Institute for Violence Prevention, Family Services of Peel - Olivia Espín: "Women Crossing Boundaries: A Psychology of Immigration and Transformations of Sexuality" 

International Women's Day Panel Poster March 8, 2022

Mar. 8, 11am-1pm - WGSS Presents International Women's Day Panel: "Feminist Ethics of Care in a Time of Pandemic" - Speakers Mercy Lillian, Victoria Tahmasebi-Birgani & Cornel Grey 

28.01.2022 Feminist Lunch poster

Jan. 28, 12-2pm - Feminist Lunch: Digital Governmentality/l Affective Islamophobia among Hindu Nationalist and White Supremacist Groups on Twitter - Zeinab Farokhi 


2020/21 Events


Mar. 2, 11:30am-1pm - Feminist Lunch Series: A Reading and Performance by Kama La Mackerel (based on their new book of poetry, ZOM- FAM)

Queer Crip Poster

Nov. 16, 11:30am-12:30pm (online delivery) - WGS Feminist Lunch Series: Queer Crip Crossroads: Disability Activism in Toronto's LGBTQ community - Nicholas Hrynyk

Oct. 30, 12-1:30pm (online delivery) - WGS Feminist Lunch Series: Home Care Fault Lines: Understanding Tensions and Creating Alliances - Cynthia J. Cranford


2019-20 Events

26.11.2019 Feminist Lunch Hour poster

Nov. 26, 12-1:30pm, MN3230 - WGS Feminist Lunch Series: "Meh Just Realize I's Ah Coolie Bai": Indo-Caribbean Masculinities, Chutney Erotics, and Qoolie Potentials - Ryan Persadie

Decolonizing the Archives poster

Nov. 21, 11:45am-1:30pm, MiST Theatre - WGS Feminist Lunch Series: Decolonizing the Archives: Resistance, Refusal, and Re-imaginings Abdi Osman and Naneen Minai with Joan Simalchik

Between Three Worlds

Oct. 8, 12-1:30pm, MN3230 - WGS Feminist Lunch Series: Between Three Worlds - Akosua Adoma Owusu

Golden Mind

Sept. 23, 12-1:30pm, MiST Theatre (UTM) - Reception at 11:30am - WGS Feminist Lunch Series: Golden Mind: A Journey Through Love, Activism and the Realm of Autism - Faduma Mohamed


2018-19 Events

Feminist Lunch Hour - Fleshy Politics Poster

Oct. 23, 2018 - Feminist Lunch Hour: Fleshy Politics  


2017-18 Events

Event Poster - MENA Conference

International Conference on Middle East & North Africa (MENA):
From Street Protest to Online Activism
Mar. 22, 9am-6pm - William Doo Auditorium, UTSG
Mar. 23, 9am-6pm - Council Chambers, UTM

Event Poster - Policing Black Lives

Mar. 9, 12-2pm - Blackwood Gallery (KN 140) - Feminist Lunchtime Talks: Policing Black Lives: State Violence in Canada from Slavery to Present

IWD 2018 event poster - Sirma Bilge

Mar. 6, 4-6pm - Kaneff 137 - International Women's Day: Lecture by Sirma Bilge - Reception to follow with music, performances, and more

poster - Feminist Lunchtime Talk - Jan 10, 2018, 12-2pm, KN 140 - Indigenizing Institutions

Jan. 10, 12-2pm - Blackwood Gallery (KN 140) - Feminist Lunchtime Talks: Indigenizing Institutions

 Nov. 29, 12-2pm, Blackwood Gallery

Nov. 29, 12-2pm - Blackwood Gallery (KN 140) - Feminist Lunchtime Talks: Tea Time: Mapping Informal Networks of Women Living with HIV

Photo of Event Poster for Homa Hoodfar public talk on September 26th at 4pm in Spigel Hall

Sept 26, 4pm - Spigel Hall (DV 1102) - Public Talk & Reception: Critical Thinking as a Transnational Right


2016-17 Events

 What Good is Feminism Today?". This talk will be feauturing Dr. Simalchik, Dr. Bain, Dr. Lord and UTM Feminists.   Please come join us on Monday March 27th in EH 300 F from 1-3pm to learn more. Refreshments will be provided!

Mar. 27 - Panel Discussion: EH 300 F.: What Good is Feminism Today?


Mar. 9, 4-9pm - CC 1080 & CCT Atrium - International Women's Day: Vivek Shraya Reading & Women's Centre Art Show


Mar. 1 - 7:45-9:45pm - Upper Library, Massey College - Massey College Iranian Series - Panel Discussion: Going Public: Women in Contemporary Iran


Feb. 15, 12-1:30pm - DV 3130, Council Chambers - Feminist Lunch Hour - Dr. Victoria Tahmasebi: Women in the Middle East: from Street Protests to Virtual Networking


Jan. 26, 9-11am - Spigel Hall - Feminist Lunch Hour - Syrus Marcus Ware: All that you Do Changes you: Art and Activism in Toronto


Nov. 28, 1-5pm - DV 1143 - WGS355: Wired Women Course: Student Online Campaigns

fem lunch hour - lord

Nov. 24 - 12-1:30pm - DV 3130 Council Chambers - Feminist Lunch Hour - Professor R. Cassandra Lord: Sensations of Moving Across Space and Time: Black Queer Diasporic Desire 'On Da Road'


Oct. 6, 12pm - DV Spigel Hall - Feminist Lunch Hour - Professor Hae Yeon Choo: Decentering Citizenship: Gender, Labor and Migrant Rights in South Korea


2015-16 Events 

Poster of Feminist Lunch Hour with Denise Booth

Mar. 3, 12pm - DV 3130 - Feminist Lunch Hour

 A Conversation with Jasiri X, hip hop artist

Feb. 24, 6-8pm - Student Centre - Black Liberation: A Conversation with Jasiri X, Hip Hop Artist, Educator and Community Organizer 

Salina Abji

Jan. 28, 12pm - Spigel Hall - Feminist Lunch Hour


Dec. 1, 1:30-2:30pm - IB Atrium - National Day of Rememberance and Action on Violence Against Women


Theatre Erindale Show: How to Make Love in a Canoe

 Understanding Intersectionality in Compton and South Los Angeles

Nov. 12, 12pm - Davis 3130 - Feminist Lunch Hour

Feminist Lunch Hour

Oct. 22, 12pm - Davis 3130 - Feminist Lunch Hour


Oct. 7 - Black + Queer + Human: A Conversation

Feminist Lunch Hour

 Sept 29, 12pm - Davis 3130 - Feminist Lunch Hour