Enrolling in WGSS

How do I enrol in a Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program?

Entry to the program occurs after the completion of 4.0 full-course equivalent or FCE credits (H = 0.5 credit, Y = 1 credit, unless otherwise indicated). Entry will be restricted until students enrol in the major at the end of first year (4.0 FCEs). You must obtain a CGPA of at least 1.80 and a mark of at least 65 per cent in WGS200Y. Students applying to enrol after second year (8.0 FCEs) must obtain a GPA of at least 2.00 and a mark of at least 65 per cent in WGS200Y.

Students planning to complete a WGSS major program as part of a four-year (20-credit) degree must complete the requirements of another major or two minors. This assures that students benefit from the contrasting approaches of a traditional discipline-centred major and the cross-disciplinary perspective of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. 

Please visit the Registrar's website for detailed information about the WGSS program.