UTM Women's Health & Wellness Hub

The UTM Women’s Health & Wellness Hub (WHWH) aims to cultivate a nurturing and empowering space where women can prioritize their physical, mental, reproductive, social, nutritional, and emotional well-being in a safe space while being provided with multiple resources to fill these existing gaps. The WHWH will:

  1. Provide a comprehensive range of resources, programs, and services for holistic health;
  2. Offer fitness classes, professional nutritional guidance, mental health support, educational workshops, and access to healthcare resources;
  3. Foster a sense of community and empowerment among women in their unique health journeys;
  4. Create an inclusive, judgment-free, and accessible environment for women to explore and enhance their overall wellbeing;
  5. Raise awareness of the importance of holistic wellness by addressing the lack of emphasis on women’s health and wellness within the university community;
  6. Advocate for women’s health and wellness on campus through promoting a diverse range of initiatives and events conducted both virtually and in-person;
  7. Uphold the principles of equity, accessibility and inclusion in our work and initiatives to ensure that everyone has equal access to our resources and support.

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Contact: womenshealth@utmsu.ca