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UTM Women's Centre

The UTM Women's Centre is a non-profit organization located on campus. Our mandate is to increase students awareness on issues pertaining to contemporary women at both a local and global level.

The centre offers various events and educational workshops available to staff and students throughout the school year. The UTM Women's Centre is an excellent place to hear about upcoming events that relate to women's issues both on campus and in the community.

We are located in Maanjiwe nendamowinan (MN) 2285.

St. George Campus Resources

The Dr. Chun Resource Library

Is commited to providing factual, critical and alternative materials to aid in the resistance of oppression among and between diverse communities. The library strives to support voices that are commonly left out of the mainstream.

The library works to provide an anti-opressive space on campus where students and community members can learn and organize. The library is located at 563 Spadina, just North of College, in the University of Toronto's Center for Women and Trans People. 

The University of Toronto's Centre for Women and Trans People

Is commited to providing a safe drop-in, harassment-free space for all women and Trans people on campus. The centre provides free support, referrals, resources and advocacy on issues of sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, ageism, violence, health and poverty through workshops, events, services and programming. The centre is located at room 100, 563 Spadina, just north of College.

New College Library (Ivey)

The Ivey Library, located at New College, houses the leading collection of Women and Gender Studies resources in Canada. Its collection includes books and periodicals, as well as publications from the various Status of Women’s committees across Canada. The New College librarian, Jeanne Guillaume, has also received an OCUFA award for her internationally-recognized work in developing a cataloguing system for Women's Studies and Gender Studies scholarship and a Women's Studies and Gender Studies database.

Guillaume has assembled extensive electronic collections, including: Women's Studies Database, a CD-ROM collection consisting of 109,000 records covering the humanities, social sciences, health, law, grassroots feminism and feminist organizations; Studies on Women & Gender Abstracts, an international abstracting service designed to meet the information needs of busy librarians and all those working in teaching, studying or researching any of the main areas of Women's Studies and Gender Studies; Gender Studies Database, which indexes 500,000 records  on women and gender studies, feminist studies and diversity studies, inside and outside academia, with several hundred links to freely available and indexed full-text articles and documents on carefully selected websites (available at > eresources > eindexes); and Contemporary Women's Issues, covering over 600 sources published by more than 100 organizations around the world beginning with sources from 1992. 


World Wide Women's Programs

Women's Studies Programs, Departments, & Research Centers

Here are links to more than 700 women's/gender/feminist studies programs, departments and research centers around the world that have web sites. Programs and departments offering graduate degrees or concentrations have this fact noted in an annotation below the link.

OISE Library

This library includes a Women's Resource Collection. Please refer to the web site for further information.