WGSS Writing Support

The WGSS program has implemented a Writing Instruction Initiative program in order to support WGSS students with their writing assignments.

The program offers one-on-one instruction for various forms of academic writing and oral presentations required in the program's courses. Students can bring their work-in-progress from any course they are taking, in various stages of development (brain-storming and planning, to revising a draft). Writing Instructors will additionally assist students with the following:

  • interpret assignments
  • form a strong thesis or research question
  • develop an analysis
  • construct a coherent argument
  • organize your paper effectively
  • use and document sources properly
  • revise drafts and improve grammar and style

Papers will not be proof-read, rather Writing Instructors will assist students in learning skills to identify and correct problems of grammar and syntax in their papers.

Faculty Co-ordinator: R. Cassandra Lord 

Please visit the booking tool to make your 30 minute appointment with us:
you can access the link via the WGSS webpage (click on Booking Tool on the bottom right of the page)