UTM Women & Gender Equity Centre

The Women & Gender Equity Centre (WGEC) strives to make our campus safer and more accessible for women, trans students, and non-binary students. We do this by offering safe spaces to students on campus, with designated times for women and trans students where they may ask us for support, access to resources, and peer support. We offer general peer support during regular office hours, providing students with the opportunity to voice their concerns, and struggles, and seek appropriate remedies. Students are welcome to all the food and beverage options in the office (note: vegan, kosher/halal, and nut-free options are available). We also offer free sanitation and sexual health products, and are open to special student requests, as needed. 

We are located in the MN Building, room MN 2285. You can also email us at utmwgec.logistics@gmail.com or visit us at the WGEC website