Dr. Andie Burazin: Assistant Professor at UofT Mississauga

Andie Burazin

Mathematics and Italian

Burazin, Andie

BSc, 2006 

Andie Burazin completed a major in Mathematics and Italian at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM). She completed her undergraduate degree in 2006. She earned a Master of Science (MSc) in Differential Geometry at McMaster University in 2008 and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Mathematical Biomedicine at the University of Waterloo in 2013.

After her PhD, Andie has been very grateful to return to UTM. She began as a sessional lecturer, teaching mathematics courses. As of July 2021, she became an Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, to provide support in numeracy through the Institute for the Study of University Pedagogy and to teach mathematics in the Mathematical and Computational Sciences (MCS) Department. She has received several teaching grants (e.g., UofT Leaf Seed for calculus computational assignments, HEQCO Skills Consortium for a numeracy project) and widely published within mathematics education (e.g., the Canadian Mathematical Society Notes, American Mathematical Monthly, Maple Transaction Journal). She is heavily involved with the First-year Math and Stats in Canada community (www.firstyearmath.ca) and the Canadian Mathematical Society to foster dialogue about teaching and learning mathematics and statistics amongst students, high school teachers, tertiary-level educators and beyond. She continues to make mathematics and numeracy more accessible and fun so that students find joy in their learning experience and become confident while playing with and interpreting equations and numbers in real life contexts or abstract spaces.


  • Mathematics 
  • Higher Education