Alumni: Where are They Now


Kelly Akers

Dr. Kelly Akers

Chemistry | 1985 | BSc

President of ProSpect Scientific Incorporated. 


Andie Burazin

Dr. Andie Burazin

Mathematics | 2006 | BSc

Assistant Professor in the Mathematical and Computational Sciences department at UofT Mississauga. 

Rosa da Silva

Dr. Rosa da Silva

Biology | 2004 | BSc

Associate Professor and the Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies at the Department of Biology at McMaster University.  


Stephanie Domenikos

Dr. Stephanie C. Domenikos

Chemistry | 2012 | BSc

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream at York University. 


Jona Gjevori

Jona Gjevori

Chemistry | 2018 | BSc

Epidemiologist/Biostatistician at PHAC. 


Juliana Morales

Juliana Morales

Geology | 2013 | BSc

Mining Geologist across Canada. 


Nicole Novroski

Dr. Nicole Novroski

Biology | 2009 | BSc

Forensic Geneticist and Tenure-Stream Assistant Professor


Lisa Robertson

Dr. Lisa Robertson

Biology | 2003 | BSc

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Department of Biology, York University. 


Sherry Seethaler

Dr. Sherry Seethaler

Chemistry | 1993 | BSc

Leads education initiatives and teaches research communications at the University of California.


Sadia Sharmin

Dr. Sadia Sharmin

Computer Science & ICCIT | 2014 | BSc

Assistant Professor (Teaching Stream) in Computer Science department at University of Toronto. 


Danielle Tokarz

Dr. Danielle Tokarz

Chemistry | 2008 | HBSc

Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Saint Mary’s University. 


Stephani Varty

Stephanie Varty

Environmental Science | 2012 | BSc

Wildlife management biologist working for the Eeyou Marine Region Wildlife Board, based on eastern James Bay in the Cree Nation of Eastmain.