Proctor Positions

Assistant invigilators for tests and examinations (Proctors)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Proctor Applications will only be reviewed beginning October - Novemeber 2021 to hire for the January 2022 roster. 

To apply for a proctor position in UTM Psychology, you must be a current student at U of T and know a member of the UTM Psychology Department who is willing to provide a reference for you. This person can be a lab supervisor, the instructor of a small class or someone for whom you have volunteered, or a Psychology Department faculty member who knows you by name and can attest to your good character.  You need permission from your reference provider to submit his/her name; a letter is not required.

The Department will begin collecting applications in August and will ignore earlier submissions.  The absolute deadline for submission of applications is September 9. Applicants are ranked, with priority given to students who are in higher years of ongoing undergraduate study, who have a strong academic record, and who are involved with the Psychology Department at UTM. 

According to the collective agreement between the University and the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 3902, the applicable rate of pay for this classification effective January 1, 2022 is $31.08/hr.

The application is the answers to the following 7 questions emailed to by the deadline. Email only your answers, not questions or numbers or blank lines in-between (this is necessary to allow the information to be exported to our database). Attach your resume.

What is your name?
What is your student number?
What is your phone number?
What is your program of study?
What is your year of study?
How many full course credits have you completed?
Who is your reference?

Sample Application:

Ogden Gnash
(905) 828 5409
Specialist Psychology, Major Biology
Dr. Kamenetsky