Course Delivery Mode Change

All submissions must receive sign-off from the curriculum lead of your academic unit (Chair/ Associate Chair/ Curriculum Committee Chair) before submission to the Program & Curriculum Unit (PCU). Proposals submitted in this round are for implementation beginning in the 2025-2026 Academic Year. Please submit a separate form for each course. 

Deadline for submission is Friday, March 31, 2024. 

Course Delivery Mode Change Proposal Form

Must contain 8 characters, e.g. UTM123H5
Name of faculty member who normally teaches the course and/ or is responsible for overseeing course development.

Proposed Delivery Mode
All instructional interaction occurs without the student and instructor being in the same physical location. Instructional materials may be presented synchronously or asynchronously. At maximum, one in-person assessment (including final exams) may be required per half-credit course. The in-person assessment must be declared during the timetabling process.
Greater than one-third of the course contact hours will occur online (either synchronously or asynchronously). Assessments may be online or in-class. Involves a balance of scheduled in-person and (usually synchronous) online activities appropriate to the learning outcomes of the course.
The course will be offered online during summer terms only and in-person during the Fall and/ or Winter term(s).
The course may be offered either online, hybrid, or in-person in any given academic term.
Academic units that wish to utilize sessional instructors for online/ hybrid delivery of courses must confirm that a Quercus shell with the course structure and basic course materials that will ensure course objectives are met will be set up by the permanent faculty instructor and provided to sessional instructors in advance of the course.
For each course component (L, T, P, S), please provide the proposed mode of delivery. 
Example: Total Hours of Instruction = 24L (12 asynchronous; 12 in-person); 12T (12 in-person)
Please provide a brief rationale for shifting the course delivery mode. Consider how the course and delivery mode aligns with the academic unit's/ discipline's vision and/ or long-term plans; how the change impacts the unit's existing programs; how the change fits into the unit's curriculum map; and what the advantages to students will be. For “Online - Summer Only” and "Flexible Delivery" courses, you must consider and speak to the impact multiple delivery modes will have with respect to these elements.
Please provide a BRIEF description of how the change in delivery mode will continue to ensure that course objectives are achieved. For courses that may be core/ required for a program, the academic unit's ability to maintain program learning outcomes should also be considered. For “Online - Summer Only” and "Flexible Delivery" courses, it must be made clear how course objectives will be maintained across the various delivery modes.
For “Online - Summer Only” and "Flexible Delivery" courses, how will this be maintained across the various delivery modes?
For “Online - Summer Only” and "Flexible Delivery" courses, how will this be maintained across the various delivery modes?
Please see the materials provided by the UTM Academic Integrity Unit and the Teaching and Learning Collaboration (TLC) for advice. For “Online - Summer Only” and "Flexible Delivery" courses, how will this be maintained across the various delivery modes?
Please identify any potential resource implications related to this change in delivery mode. Resource implications can include any change (increase or decrease) in teaching/ instructional support, TA support, space requirements, specialized equipment, as well as library resources. For “Online - Summer Only” and "Fleixble Delivery" courses, please make clear the resources required for the various delivery modes.
Please identify any additional considerations that may be relevant to the change of delivery mode for this course.

All submissions must first be discussed with the Department Chair/ Unit Director (or designate) and have their sign-off PRIOR to submission to the Program & Curriculum Unit.
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