Missed Tests and Late Term Work

Missed Midterm Tests

If anytime throughout the term you encounter unforeseen circumstances outside of your control that are impacting your ability to attend your test, you may apply for special consideration using the UTM Special Consideration Request [Pilot] application. Otherwise, students who miss a term test will be assigned a grade of zero for that test. 

A request for special consideration must be submitted within 3 days of the missed test via the UTM Special Consideration Request [Pilot] application. A student whose explanation is accepted by the department may be granted a makeup test. The department will assign the date(s) for makeup tests, administer them, evenings and Saturdays/Sundays included, and will inform the students. If the student is granted permission to take a makeup test and misses it, they will be assigned a grade of zero for the test unless a valid reason for their absence is provided. 

Late Assignments

Late assignments will be subject to a late penalty of 5% per day (including weekends) of the total marks for the assignment. Assignments submitted five calendar days beyond the due date will be assigned a grade of zero. Assignments handed in AFTER the work has been returned to the class cannot be marked for credit.  Accommodations due to late registration into the course will NOT be approved. 

If you are unable to meet the deadline of your assignment/paper due to unforeseen circumstances, you may apply for an extension of time using the UTM Special Consideration Request [Pilot] application. This request must be submitted within 3 days of the missed deadline. 

Each request for special consideration is carefully reviewed by the department/course instructor based on the information provided and approval is not guaranteed. Additional information or supporting documentation may be required (e.g. Verification of Illness or Injury Form).

What happens after a request for special consideration is submitted?

You can monitor the status of your request directly in the UTM Special Consideration Request [Pilot] application. When the status changes, an email notification will be sent to you. Please make sure to monitor your email regularly for updates. It may take up to 3-5 business days for your request to be processed. Therefore, you should continue working on your assignment and studying for a make-up test while you await the decision so that you are ready to submit the assignment or write your make-up test once the decision is rendered. 

NOTE: The use of  the UTM Special Consideration Request [Pilot] application is required only for all S term courses starting in Winter 2024. For 2023-24 full year Y courses, please refer to instructions outlined in your course syllabi. 

ACORN Absence Declaration Tool

Students who miss an academic obligation during the term (i.e., in-class assessment, quiz, paper or lab report) may use the ACORN Absence Declaration Tool to record an absence in one or more courses. Students may utilize this option once per term for a single absence period of up to seven consecutive days. The declaration period must include the day of declaration and may include past and/or future dates, for a total of up to 7 calendar days.

Use of this declaration does not require supporting documentation and should be used in addition to the missed term work policy outlined in their course syllabus. It remains the student’s responsibility to initiate the process of academic consideration for missed academic obligations by following the instructions in the course syllabus and notifying their instructor.  Instructors may exclude one term test/quiz, as per the course syllabus.