UTORSubmit - FAQ

How do I create a new Turnitin-enabled assignment?

Turnitin functionality has been temporarily removed due to changes with third-party integrations. This functionality will be restored in a later update.

If you need Turnitin functionality for a student assignment in the summer term prior to the feature being re-enabled, there is a Blackboard integration with Turnitin. For more information please see the following URL: https://library.utm.utoronto.ca/faculty/blackboard/Turnitinbb

Can I still access old Turnitin-enabled assignments during the summer term?

Old assignments should still be visible as usual. If any issues are encountered, please contact the Service Desk.

Does UTORSubmit allow for returning multiple files to each student?

Yes, you can return multiple files to the students. You must always upload the files in one of the expected file structures.  Note that for each of the examples structures below, each student will receive 2 files back.

Flat structure - each file must be prefixed with the student number

  • results.zip
    • 999999999_result_file_1.txt
    • 999999999_result_file_2.txt
    • 1000000000_result_file_1.txt
    • 1000000000_result_file_2.txt
    • ...

Folder structure  - each folder must be named in the format of Firstname_Lastname_StudentNo

  • results.zip
    • John_Smith_999999999
      • result_file_1.txt
      • result_file_2.txt
    • Donna_Noble_1000000000
      • result_file_1.txt
      • result_file_2.txt
    • ....
How Many times Can I upload Result/Feedback?

You can upload the result zip files multiple times.

If the result file contained within the zip file has the same file name as a result file that you have already uploaded, then the previous result file will be overwritten with the new one.

If the result file contained within the zip file has a different file name than previous result files that you have already uploaded, then the current result file being uploaded will be added to the student's set of result files.

Can a TA create an assignment?

TAs are not able to create assignments by default.  However, instructors can request that a TA be added to a specific course with instructor privileges so that TA can create assignments. 

Note that TAs who are given the instructor privilege can do everything that an instructor of the course can do including creating and modifying all assignments, uploading results, and viewing Turnitin.com scores.  If the TA has saved a Turnitin.com profile with his/her account, then the TA will be able to create Turnitin enabled assignments and view the Turnitin.com scores and reports for the assignment.