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Windows 98 New Features CD-ROM

* Introduction
Understanding Windows 98/Examining The Projects/Exploring The Active Desktop/ Customizing The Desktop/Using Desktop Themes/Customizing Folder Views/Follow-Up

* Using Toolbars And Time Savers
Understanding Taskbar Toolbars/Customizing Toolbars/Organizing The Start Menu/
Looking At Help/Follow-Up

* Exploring Web Integration
Understanding The Internet Connection Wizard/Working With Internet Explorer/Looking At Outlook Express/Examining FrontPage Express/Using Channels/Examining Windows Update/ Follow-Up

* Looking At Other Features
Examining Accessibilty Tools/Scheduling Tasks/Using System Information/Exploring FAT32/ Examining Plus! 98/Follow-Up

Access 97 Advanced CD-ROM

* Defining Advanced Relationships And Hyperlinks
Reviewing Intermediate Concepts/Examining The Project/Assigning Multiple Primary Keys/Editing Relationships/Defining Cascading Updates And Deletes/Understanding Hyperlinks/Using Hyperlinks/Follow-up

* Working With Advanced Queries
Changing Joins/Examining Expressions/Using Expression Builder/Building Criteria Expressions/Using Parameter Queries/Follow-up

* Using Crosstab Queries
Understanding Crosstab Queries/Creating Crosstabs/Formatting Column Headings/ Adjusting Detail Level/Follow-up

* Working With Advanced Forms
Defining Option Buttons/Defining Unbound Controls/Defining Toggle Buttons/Adding Custom ControlTips/Creating Option Groups/Using Combo Boxes/Changing Tab Order/Follow-up

* Building Advanced Reports
Hiding Repeated Values/Changing Sorting And Grouping/Using The Keep Together Property/Using Force New Page/Creating Calculated Controls/Creating A User Defined Report/Follow-up

* Automating Tasks With Macros
Creating Macros/Creating Macro Groups/Running Macros When Forms Open/Creating A Report Macro/Follow-up

* Defining Switchboards
Planning The Switchboard/Creating A Switchboard Form/Adding Macro Command Buttons/Formatting Command Buttons/Defining Macro Conditions/Setting The Database Main Switchboard/Hiding Database Objects/Follow-up

Access 97 Intermediate CD-ROM

* Expanding Tables
Understanding Intermediate Features/Examining The Project/Examining Design View/ Adding Fields/Changing Data Types/Changing Field Properties/Moving Columns/Follow-up

* Working With Data
Understanding Normalization/Exploring The Table Analyzer Wizard/Using The Table Analyzer Wizard/Examining Referential Integrity/Using Other File Types/Importing Other Data Types/ Creating Tables/Linking Other Access Tables/Follow-up

* Creating Forms
Understanding Charts/Creating Charts/Editing Charts/Exploring Main Forms And Subforms/ Establishing Relationships/Creating Subforms/Navigating Through Subforms/Follow-up

* Customizing Forms
Examining Form Design Features/Adding Titles/Using Tabbed Forms/Moving Controls/ Adding Fields/Deleting Controls/Using Expressions/Changing Control Properties/Follow-up

* Using Queries
Understanding Queries/Creating Append Queries/Creating Update Queries/Creating Make-table Queries/Follow-up

* Querying Multiple Tables
Creating Multiple Table Queries/Specifying Fields And Criteria/Adding Tables/Linking Tables/Follow-up

* Working With Reports
Creating Mailing Labels/Creating Summary Reports/Adding Expressions/Modifying Text/ Moving Controls/Changing Section Size/Follow-up

* Enhancing Reports
Applying Special Effects/Adding Graphics/Working With Lines/Adding Color/Follow-up

Access 97 Introduction CD-ROM

* Looking At Access
Understanding Access/Examining The Access Working Screen/Understanding Database Objects/Examining The Projects/Closing Access/Follow-up

* Examining Tables
Understanding Tables/Moving Around In Tables/Viewing Multiple Tables/Moving Columns/ Adjusting Columns And Rows/Saving And Closing Tables/Follow-up

* Using Tables
Entering Data/Using AutoCorrect/Sorting Records/Deleting Records/Finding Records In Tables/Editing Records/Follow-up

* Creating Tables
Deciding What To Include/Opening Table Wizard/Selecting Fields/Renaming Fields/Naming Tables/Adding Table Relationships/Adding Fields/Follow-up

* Using Forms
Opening Forms/Navigating Through Forms/Finding Records In Forms/Editing Records Using/ Forms/Creating AutoForms/Adding Records Using Forms/Switching Views/Saving And Naming Forms/Follow-up

* Using Filters
Understanding Filters/Creating Filters By Selection/Sorting Filtered Records/Creating Filters By Form/Follow-up

* Using Queries
Understanding Queries/Running Queries/Closing Recordsets/Creating Selection Queries/ Modifying Queries/Finding Duplicate Records/Editing Records Within Recordsets/Follow-up

* Working With Reports
Understanding Reports/Creating AutoReports/Creating Groups/Totals Reports/Creating Single-column Reports/Modifying Reports/Changing Borders/Previewing Multiple Pages/ Changing Margins And Printing/Follow-up

* Using Timesavers
Using Database Wizards/Using The Office Assistant/Using AutoFormat/Creating Shortcuts/ Follow-up

Excel 97 Advanced CD-ROM

* Mastering Excel
Reviewing Intermediate Features/Examining The Project/Understanding Options/ Understanding Add-ins/Creating Custom Toolbars/Follow-up

* Importing Data
Importing Spreadsheet Data/Filtering Database Data/Getting Additional Data/Selecting Records >From A Database/Follow-up

* Working With PivotTables
Creating PivotTables >From The Worksheet/Adding Row Headings/Changing Row Headings/ Showing And Hiding PivotTable Detail/Hiding Records/Showing Hidden Records/Deleting Fields/Using PivotTable Pages/Follow-up

* Using Advanced PivotTables
Understanding Advanced PivotTable Options/Using External Data/Changing The Summary/ Viewing PivotTable Detail/Follow-up

* Working With Solver
Understanding Solver/Setting The Solver Target/Defining The Changing Cells/Setting Solver Constraints/Creating Solver Reports/Follow-up

* Working With Scenarios
Creating Scenarios Using Solver/Creating Scenarios Without Solver/Viewing Scenarios/ Creating Scenario Summaries/Testing "What-if" Situations With Charts/Follow-up

* Using Microsoft Map
Creating Data Maps/Deleting Data Maps/Adding Data To Data Map Objects/Formatting Data/Maps/Working With Map Labels/Changing Data Map Figures/Follow-up

* Using Timesavers
Understanding Views And Reports/Creating Views/Using Views/Using Reports/Understanding Hyperlinks/Using Hyperlinks/Follow-up

* Working With Advanced Charting
Charting Non-adjacent Ranges/Adding Data Points To Existing Charts/Working With The Data/Series Formula/Adding Graphics To Charts/Follow-up

Excel 97 Intermediate CD-ROM

* Exploring Excel
Understanding Intermediate Features/Examining The Project/Creating Templates/Renaming Worksheets/Moving Worksheets/Follow-up

* Building Lists
Understanding Database Features/Building Lists/Using AutoCorrect/Sorting Lists/Follow-up

* Managing Lists
Understanding Protection/Using Protection/Using Data Forms/Filtering Data/Adding Database Fields/Follow-up

* Using 3-D References
Understanding 3-D Workbooks/Using 3-D References/Showing Formulas And References/ Follow-up

* Manipulating Data
Compiling Subtotals/Understanding Paste Function/Using Logical Functions/Understanding PivotTables/Creating Basic PivotTables/Follow-up

* Creating Macros
Understanding Macros/Creating Macros/laying Macros/Running Macros From Toolbars And Menus/Follow-up

* Using Timesavers
Naming Ranges/AutoFormatting Worksheets/Using Goal Seek/Adding Cell Comments/Using Prepared Templates/Using Conditional Formatting/Follow-up

Excel 97 Introduction CD-ROM

* Looking At Excel
Understanding Excel/Examining Excel's Working Screen/Examining The Projects/Navigating Workbooks/Entering And Editing Data/Widening Columns/Saving Your Work/Follow-up

* Using Formulas And Functions
Understanding Formulas/Entering Formulas/Understanding Functions/Entering Functions/ Using Paste Function/Using Subtraction/Follow-up

* Relocating And Reusing Data
Using The Windows Clipboard/Understanding Fills/Filling A Series/Follow-up

* Exploring Formula Construction
Understanding Cell References/Using Relative Addressing/Inserting Absolute Addresses/ Using Mixed Addresses/Reusing A Formula/Dragging Ranges In Functions/Follow-up

* Formatting Worksheet Appearance
Understanding Formatting/Adjusting Column Widths/Applying Colors To Cells/Formatting Numbers/Aligning Text/Changing Fonts And Font Size/Changing Font Styles/Applying Borders/Using Format Painter/Follow-up

* Printing Worksheets
Previewing Before Printing/Understanding Page Setup/Adjusting Page Setup Options/Setting Print Areas/Adjusting Margins/Printing Documents/Follow-up

* Working With Charts
Understanding Charts/Creating Charts/Editing Charts/Editing Titles/Follow-up

* Using Help
Viewing The Help Contents/Working With The Index/Finding Help Text/Working With The Office Assistant/Using Context-sensitive Help/Follow-up

Windows NT Introduction CD-ROM

* Introduction
Understanding Windows NT/Starting Windows NT/Learning The Story/Examining The Desktop/Follow-up

* Getting Started
Working With Objects/Examining Window Controls/Using My Computer/Managing Windows/Follow-up

* Using The Taskbar
Understanding The Taskbar/Adjusting The Taskbar/Controlling Windows With The Taskbar/ Using The Start Button/Follow-up

* Managing Files
Understanding File Management/Browsing Through Folders/Using Find/Creating Folders/ Renaming Files And Folders/Copying And Moving Files/Creating Shortcuts/Deleting Files And Folders/Follow-up

* Working With Applications
Understanding Windows NT Accessories/Examining An Application Window/Working With Documents/Working With Text/Formatting Text/Working With Dialog Boxes/Saving Documents/Follow-up

* Exchanging Information Between Applications
Examining The Paint Window/Using Drawing Tools/Inserting Objects/Using The Calculator/Follow-up

* Finishing The Project
Previewing Files/Printing Files/Customizing The Desktop/Using Help/Follow-up

* Using Network Resources
Understanding Networking/Examining Network Neighborhood/Sharing Folders/Copying Files Across A Network/Mapping Network Drives/Shutting Down Your System/Follow-up

* Application Project
A Letter Announcing The Opening Of A Bookstore

* Common Tools And Shortcuts Appendix
Editing Tools/Viewing Tools/Control Buttons/Navigation Shortcuts/Copying Objects/Moving Objects

* Index

PowerPoint 97 Advanced CD-ROM

* Getting Started
Understanding Advanced Features/Examining The Project/Organizing The Work Environment/Creating Custom Toolbars/Follow-up

* Creating Design Templates
Looking At Design Principles/Saving Presentation Templates/Applying Textured Backgrounds/ Using Drawing Tools To Create Depth/Converting Graphics To Microsoft Office Drawings/ Blending Drawings Into The Background/Formatting Placeholders/Developing Title Masters/ Follow-up

* Working With Slide Text
Using Text Anchors/Altering Placeholder Text Formats/Using The Font Buttons/Adjusting Paragraph Spacing/Follow-up

* Working With Tables
Understanding Tables In PowerPoint/Using Table Layouts/Applying Table AutoFormats/ Formatting Text Within A Table/Adding Rows/Adjusting Cells/Inserting Tables Into Slides/ Follow-up

* Creating A Series Of Objects
Using The Freeform Tool/Using Pattern Fills/Creating Embossed Effects With Objects/ Understanding Animation/Applying Animation To Objects/Follow-up

* Using Additional Animation Features
Preparing The Slide/Manipulating Pictures/Positioning Graphics/Applying Text To The Sequence/Applying Animation/Timing The Animation/Follow-up

* Enhancing Presentations With Multimedia
Understanding Multimedia Elements/Opening Multimedia Elements/Playing Video Clips/ Inserting Sound Into Slides/Editing Sound Clips/Working With Action Buttons/Follow-up

* Rehearsing With Presentation Tools
Preparing With Meeting Minder/Understanding Slide Conversions/Understanding Presentation Conferences/Reviewing Other Presentation Options/Using Slide Show Tools/Creating Web Pages/Follow-up

PowerPoint 97 Intermediate CD-ROM

* Customizing PowerPoint
Understanding Intermediate Features/Examining The Project/Changing Options/Using The Customize Dialog Box/Customizing Toolbars/Follow-up

* Modifying Templates
Selecting Templates/Opening Slide Masters/Working With Placeholders/Changing Background Objects/Saving New Templates/Adjusting Background Shading/Defining Text Styles For Templates/Applying New Designs To Title Masters/Follow-up

* Creating WordArt
Understanding WordArt/Using WordArt/Inserting Text/Shaping Text/Adding Emphasis To WordArt/Resizing WordArt/Follow-up

* Working With Graphics
Creating Slides For Clip Art/Adding Microsoft Clip Art Categories/Adding And Moving Images In The Clip Gallery/Arranging Clip Art On Slides/Inserting Pictures Without Placeholders/ Inserting Slides With Graphics From Other Presentations/Working With Drawing Tools/ Follow-up

* Applying Animation
Understanding Animation Features/Applying Effects To The Opening Screen/Applying Animation To Text/Applying Animation Settings To Graphics/Creating Graphical Builds/ Timing Graphical Builds/Setting Slide Show Options/Previewing Slide Shows/Follow-up

* Preparing Presentations
Getting The Most Out Of Presentations/Linking Slides/Hiding Slides/Creating Notes Pages/ Creating Audience Handouts/Follow-up

* Touching Up Text
Changing Cases/Using Find And Replace/Replacing Fonts/Understanding Font Embedding/ Saving With Embedded Fonts/Follow-up

PowerPoint 97 Introduction CD-ROM

* Looking At PowerPoint
Understanding PowerPoint/Examining The Opening Screen/Looking At Presentation Options/Examining The Project/Navigating Slides/Creating New Presentations/Saving Your Work/Follow-up

* Working In Outline View
Working In Outline View/Creating New Slides/Creating Indent Levels/Inserting Slides >From Outlines/Rearranging Text In Outline View/Organizing Slides In Outline View/Follow-up

* Working With Slide Masters
Understanding Slide Masters/Opening Slide Masters/Changing Placeholders/Setting Format/ Styles For Slide Text/Changing Bullets/Viewing Standardization On Slides/Follow-up

* Working In Slide View
Adjusting Slide Backgrounds/Inserting Clip Art/Manipulating Clip Art/Working With AutoShapes/Changing AutoLayouts/Inserting New Slides In Slide View/Follow-up

* Working With Other Drawing Tools
Drawing Basic Shapes/Drawing Regular Shapes/Changing Colors of Shapes/Assembling Shapes/Using Text Boxes/Follow-up

* Using Microsoft Graph
Understanding Graph/Applying Chart Styles/Inserting Data/Formatting Legends/Applying Data Labels/Adjusting The Chart/Closing Graph/Follow-up

* Creating Organization Chart
Understanding Organization Chart/Working With Text In Org Chart/Adding Text Boxes To Org Charts/Adjusting The Look Of Organization Charts/Closing Organization Chart/Follow-up

* Working In Slide Sorter View
Switching To Slide Sorter View/Duplicating Slides/Rearranging Slides/Previewing In Black And White/Follow-up

* Finalizing And Printing Online Presentations
Running Slide Show View/Applying Animation/Applying Transitions/Applying Options In Slide Show View/Setting Print Options/Closing Presentations/Follow-up

Word 97 Advanced CD-ROM

* Getting Started
Examining Word 97's Advanced Features/Examining The Project/Understanding Word's Customization Options/Creating A Custom Toolbar/Adjusting Word's Options/Follow-up

* Using Templates And Styles
Understanding Templates/Altering Templates/Exploring The Organizer/Using The Organizer/Saving Templates/Follow-up

* Using Automation
Creating A Template/ Customizing The Template/Attaching Templates/Understanding Macros/Recording Macros/Updating The Document/Follow-up

* Managing Documents Developed By Teams
Understanding Word's Revision Tools/Using Versioning/Using Revision Marks/Creating Comments/Comparing Two Documents/Follow-up

* Using Master Documents
Exploring Master Documents/Using A Master Document/Inserting Subdocuments/ Rearranging Subdocuments/Splitting And Merging Subdocuments/Working With Expanded And Locked Subdocuments/Understanding Document Mapping/Working With A Document Map/Follow-up

* Utilizing Special Formatting Techniques
Using Drop Caps/Working With Figures/Adding A Callout/Examining Two-page Layout/Applying Headers And Footers/Follow-up

* Using Fields And References
Understanding Footnotes And Endnotes/Inserting Footnotes And Endnotes/Understanding Fields And Cross-references/Using Cross-references/Creating An Index/Creating A Table Of Contents/Cleaning Up The Final Document/Follow-up

* Creating A Web Page
Understanding The World Wide Web/Using The Web Page Wizard/Enhancing The Web Page/Making Hyperlinks/Viewing A Web Page/Follow-up

Word 97 Intermediate CD-ROM

* Preparing Complex Documents
Understanding Intermediate Features/Examining The Projects/Formatting Page Setup/ Applying Borders And Shading/Adding Entries To AutoText/Follow-up

* Creating Headers And Footers
Understanding Headers And Footers/Inserting Headers/Understanding Tabs/Using Tabs/Inserting Automatic Page Numbers/Follow-up

* Using Formatting Techniques
Understanding Styles/Applying Styles/Inserting Text From Another File/Exploring Paragraph Formatting/Applying Paragraph Formatting/Inserting Columns/ Understanding Sections/Working With Multiple Sections/Follow-up

* Working With Graphics
Importing Graphics/Sizing Graphics/Understanding Text Wrapping/Wrapping Text Around Graphics/Follow-up

* Creating Tables
Understanding Tables/Inserting Tables/Working In Cells/Using Table AutoFormat/ Adjusting Cell Width/Merging Cells/Formatting Tables/Follow-up

* Using Outline View
Examining Outline View/Organizing Outline View/Promoting And Demoting Text/ Viewing Multiple Pages/Follow-up

* Managing Databases In Word
Understanding Databases/Using A Data Form/Sorting Lists/Adding Fields/Follow-up

* Using Mail Merge
Understanding Mail Merge/Creating Main Documents/Assigning Data Sources/ Formatting Labels/Merging Data/Follow-up

Word 97 Introduction CD-ROM

* Looking At Word
Understanding Word/Examining Word's Working Screen/Examining The Project/ Navigating Documents/Entering Text/Editing Text/Saving Files/Follow-up

* Using Editing Functions
More On Selecting And Replacing Text/Using The Windows Clipboard/Using Drag-and-drop/Finding And Replacing Text/Checking Spelling And Grammar In Documents/Using Other Grammar Rules/Follow-up

* Formatting Text
Understanding Fonts/Choosing Fonts/Adjusting Point Size/Changing Font Attributes/Aligning Text/Follow-up

* Examining Other Formatting Techniques
Applying Borders And Shading/Applying Bullets And Numbers/Indenting Paragraphs/ Using Format Painter/Inserting Graphics/Resizing Graphics/Follow-up

* Working With Documents
Finding Files/Previewing Files/Using Multiple Windows/Exploring Views/Using Help/ Follow-up

* Creating Documents >From Document Templates
Understanding Templates/Using Template Wizards/Replacing Fields In Templates/ Understanding Non-printing Characters/Follow-up

* Printing Documents
Previewing Documents/Adjusting Margins/Printing Documents/Adjusting Print Settings/Follow-up

Internet Introduction with Netscape Communicator

* Looking At The Internet
Examining the Projects/Learning About The Internet/Accessing The Internet/Using A Web Browser/Follow-up

* Exploring The World Wide Web
Looking At Web History/Navigating The Web/Looking At Page Elements/Downloading Files/Follow-up

* Using Netscape Communicator
Bookmarking Favorite Sites/Using the Internet Explorer/Customizing Your Browser/Understanding Plug-ins And Viewers/Follow-up

* Accessing Newsgroups
Understanding Newsgroups/Subscribing To Newsgroups/Reading A Newsgroup Message/Posting On Newsgroups/Follow-up

* Using E-mail
Understanding E-mail/Sending E-mail/Reading E-mail/Attaching Files/Exploring E-mail Etiquette/Follow-up

* Understanding Security Issues
Looking At Parental Controls/Understanding Viruses/Looking At Privacy/Shopping On The Web/Follow-up

* Exploring Other Internet Features
Using FTP/Using Gophers/Understanding Mailing Lists/Looking At Chat Rooms/ Follow-up

* Application Project
Find An Internet Service

* Index