Nomination process

Nominations must include the following :

  1. A detailed nomination, maximum 2 pages in length (1000 words), specifying how the nominee meets the criteria for the award for which they are being nominated
  2. An endorsement from the nominee’s department head, if the nominator is not the nominee’s department head
  3. A letter of support, no longer than 2 pages (1000 words)
  4. (optional) A second letter of support, maximum 2 pages (1000 words).


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Tips on preparing a nomination

Before writing the nomination, please review the criteria and confirm that your nominee meets all eligibility requirements, found on the UTM HR Staff Awards and Recognition web page.

For the Principal’s Staff Awards, select the most appropriate category, based on the criteria.    

We recommend that you prepare your nomination in a Word document that you can copy and paste directly into the online nomination form.  It is not possible to upload or attach documents. 

While working, you may save a draft of your nomination and come back to it later.  There is a “save draft” button at the bottom of the page.

To go back to the nomination, click on the recognize tab, and you will see the link to the nomination on the right-hand side of the page. 

In your nomination, you should be as specific as possible about the ways in which the nominee meets the criteria for the award for which you are nominating them.  

Please provide as many examples as possible that demonstrate how the nominee meets the award criteria.

Please see the following guide, “How to Write an Impactful Award Nomination,” for additional details.


Step by Step guide to nominating

  1. Review the criteria for the awards, then click on the “Nominate” button. 
  2. Log in with your UTORID and password (on the True Blue recognition page).
  3. Click on “recognize” tab. 
  4. Click the category of award to the left (either the UTM Principal’s Service Award for Excellence or the UTM Principal’s Staff Awards). 
  5. Start typing the nominee’s name; Select the appropriate name from the list that will appear when you start entering a name.  For team nominations, please be sure to enter every member of the team.   If you are a member of the team, and wish to include your name in the nomination, contact Oti Igbinosun.
  6. Enter the information requested for each field. 
  7. Copy and paste the letter of support (maximum 2 pages, 1000 words).
  8. Copy and paste the endorsement of the department head or chair, if you are not the department head or chair.
  9. Review your nomination.  Once you have submitted a nomination, you will be unable to add to it.  Please be sure your nomination is complete, with all supporting documents, before submitting it.
  10. Click the “nominate” button. You will receive an automated message advising you that your nomination has been submitted.


If you have any questions about the nomination process, or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Oti Igbinosun.