Research Opportunity Program (Students)

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Have you ever wanted to assist a professor with his or her research while earning a credit? Ever considered continuing your studies by applying to graduate school? Wondering how to gain invaluable experience and skills that can be applied to a career beyond the halls of academia?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the questions above, then the Research Opportunity Program at the University of Toronto Mississauga could be for you!

To find out more information about (ROP), click here

You may also wish to contact the UTM ROP program coordinator:

Melissa Berger,
Office of the Dean, Room 3200F, William G. Davis Building

Book an appointment with the Department's Academic Counsellor Sharon Marjadsingh to discuss your program/degree requirements and whether an ROP is the right fit for you.

For information about ROP postings at the St. George campus click here