Fiona Rawle

Fiona Rawle

Professor, Teaching Stream

Fiona Rawle has a Ph.D. in Pathology and Molecular Medicine. Her research focuses on science education and public understanding of science. Twitter: @FiRawle

Specific Ongoing Research Projects Include:

1) Combatting Science Misinformation; Public Understanding of Science

2) Misconceptions & Threshold Concepts in Science

3) Barriers to Learning Evolution

4) Gender Bias in STEM

5) Implementation of Evidence-Based Pedagogy to Enhance Learning in University Science Education; Assessment and Improvement of the High School to University Transition

6) Resiliency Learning and Productive Failure

Selected Publications:

Fukuzawa S, Ashbourne D, and Rawle. (2020). Overcoming Challenges to Impactful SoTL. In: Evidence-Based Faculty Development Through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). IGI Global.


Rawle F, Thuna M, Zhao C, Kaler M. (2018). Audio Feedback: Student and Teaching Assistant Perspectives on an Alternative Mode of Feedback for Written Assignments. Canadian Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Vol. 9, No. 2.


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Rawle F. (2017). Strategies that Promote Student Engagement. Transformative Dialogues. 10(3).


Rawle F, J. Sharp, M. Dryer. (2017). Flipped Case Study: Using the Concept of Parthenogenesis in the Komodo Dragon to Overcome Meiosis Misconceptions. National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science.


F. Rawle, T. Bowen, R. Hong, B. Murck. (2017). Curriculum Mapping Across Disciplines: Differences, Approaches, and Strategies. Collected Essays on Teaching and Learning. 10:75-88.


Rawle A, Rawle F. (2017). The Story of CRISPR. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education. 45(5):459.


Selected Presentations:


Marchese I, Khattar J, Tran C, Singh A, Laliberte N. Failing forward: How can we teach out students to embrace failure, and bounce back from it. Western Conference on Science Education. London, ON. (Jul 2019).


Stubits R, Chang J, Kailass K, Thuna M, Rawle F. Misconceptions about Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria: What are they, Who has them, and How do we correct them? Western Conference on Science Education. London, ON. (Jul 2019).


Kotwal S, Pepeljak E, Mathur S, Hug A, Rawle F. Elucidate, Perfunctory, & Quagmire vs Fitness, Adaptation, & Selection: Overcoming the Jargon Barrier to Help Students Learn Scientific Terms. Western Conference on Science Education. London, ON. (Jul 2019).


Rawle F. How do we get students to take responsibility for their own learning? Ontario Consortium of Undergraduate Biology Educators. Waterloo, ON (Dec 2018).


Kania M, Paul V, Bhangoo M, Rawle F, Chatfield S. Undergraduates, choose your own adventure: Inquiry-based research projects in plant development. ASPB: Plant Biology. (Jul 2018).


Tseng A, Jenkinson J, Rawle F, Corrin M, McGill F. Scaffolded Inquiry-Based Learning as an Approach to Remediate Misconceptions About Natural Selection. Association of Medical Illustrators Conference. (Jul 2018).


Rawle F. How to Mitigate Implicit Bias in the Teaching & Learning Content. Ontario Consortium of Undergraduate Biology Educators. Port Carling, ON (May 2018).


Ashbourne D, Rawle F. What should we be teaching students about the science of learning? Educational Developer’s Caucus. Victoria, BC (Feb 14-16 2018).


Ashbourne D, Rawle F. Layered Curriculum Maps: An Opportunity to Reach New Audiences. Educational Developer’s Caucus. Victoria, BC (Feb 14-16 2018).


Rawle F, Ashbourne D. Layered Curriculum Maps: A Powerful Tool for Forging Partnerships in Teaching & Learning. Research on Teaching & Learning Conference. Hamilton, ON (Nov 16-17 2017).


Recent Awards


2018      University of Toronto President’s Teaching Award

2018      OCUFA (Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations) Teaching Award

2016      University of Toronto Mississauga Teaching Excellence Award (E. A. Robinson Teaching Excellence Award)

2015      University of Toronto Early Career Teaching Award


Courses Taught:

BIO152 (Introduction to Evolution and Evolutionary Genetics)

BIO207 (Introductory Genetics)

BIO476 (Molecular Basis of Disease)