2024 - BIO400 class

BIO400, BIO481 & ROP Winners

Thank you to everyone for attending the BIO400, BIO481 & ROP Poster Presentations on April 9 & 10, 2024!

Here are the winners! 

ROP Poster Session:

1st – Andrew Huynh (Currie Lab, BIO299)

Investigating the Crosstalk of Histone Modifications in Epigenetic Gene Silencing

2nd – Sienna Valley (Dillon & Phillips, BIO399) 

                Metabolic changes in Arabidopsis thaliana following infection by the plant pathogen Pseudomonas syringae.

3rd – Mikalya Wozney (Murray, BIO399)

                Colonization of Freshwater Invertebrates in Extreme Salinity


2024 ROP Poster Winners


BIO481 Symposium

April 9

1st – Evelina Tronina (Cheng Lab)

                The Interaction of N-degron Pathway E3 Ligases UBR1 and UBR2 with the Circadian Clock

Runners up:

Meghana Malagi (Walters Lab)

                Validation of m6a demethylase ALKBH5 in Neuron Morphology

Dana Al Refai (Braeutigam Lab)

                Clonal Propagation via Direct Shoot Organogenesis of Poplars

April 10

1st – Danaca D’Sa (Erclik Lab)

                Investigating the temporal birth window of the Tm26 neuron in the Drosophila medulla


2024 BIO481 Winners
Meghana Malagi


Xenab Rizwan (Acquired Brain Injury Research Lab UHN)

Reasons Why Conference-Presented Research is Left Unpublished

Isabella Vessio (Cancer Genetics and High Rish Program Sunnybrook Cancer Centre)

Genetic Counselling: A Powerful Tool for Cancer Prevention and Early Detection

2024 BIO400 Winners

Our special thanks go to Stephanie do Rego and Diane Matias for their outstanding efforts in organizing the BIO481 & ROP poster session and BIO400, respectively. Your dedication and hard work are truly appreciated and have contributed immensely to the success of these events.