Bhavya Gandhi Headshot

Bhavya Piyush Gandhi Wins The Alan F. Coventry Memorial Scholarship

Bhavya Piyush Gandhi was awarded the Alan F. Coventry Memorial Scholarship. Gandhi was selected for having achieved high academic standing in three University of Toronto Mississauga Biology courses.

This award was originally established in 1974 by friends and colleagues in memory of the late Prof. Alan Coventry. Prof. Coventry made significant contributions to the University of Toronto over his lifetime.

My name is Bhavya Gandhi, and I am a third-year student at UTM.
Currently, I am enrolled in a biology for health sciences major, environmental science minor, and a biomedical communications minor. I joined UTM in 2020 for the growth opportunity it provided. The tri-campus network of the University of Toronto would allow me to participate in many more experiences that other programs may not offer. In addition, opportunities such as research opportunity programs enticed me as they would allow me to get involved in research early in my career.
During my time at UTM, I have tried my best to take advantage of such opportunities and have found that they have greatly enriched my experience. As I advance in my career, I hope to use these experiences to support frontline healthcare. I am confident that with the support of my professors and mentors at UTM, I will be able to achieve this dream!