Dr. Jimena Leyria in the Lab

Dr. Jimena Leyria published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences

UTM Biology is proud to announce that Dr. Jimena Leyria's paper Impact of JH Signaling on Reproductive Physiology of the Classical Insect Model, Rhodnius prolixus was published by International Journal of Molecular Sciences


In adult females of several insect species, juvenile hormones (JHs) act as gonadotrophic hormones, regulating egg production. In this study we report for the first time the participation of the isoform JH III skipped bisepoxide (JHSB3) and its signaling pathway in the reproductive fitness of the classical insect model Rhodnius prolixus. This research contributes missing pieces of JH action in the insect model in which JH was first postulated almost 100 years ago.

Dr. Jimena Leyria's paper - pic
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