Rahul D'Cunha (HBA 2009)

Rahul D'Cunha, HBA'09

Land Registry Representative, ServiceOntario

Little did Rahul D'Cunha know it, but his time spent outside of the classroom at U of T Mississauga would have a profound impact upon his professional life. The Historical Studies alumnus has leveraged his work as a student volunteer to land a position with MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) Canada. As the school outreach program coordinator for the organization's Western Canada division, D'Cunha visits schools to spread the word about the consequences of impaired driving. He speaks to about 1,000 students every day, and travels extensively across the country to build partnerships with various stakeholders, including school boards, police, health units and First Nation communities. 

D'Cunha says his extracurricular activities at UTM have played an important role in his professional success. During his time as a student, D'Cunha served as president of the campus Catholic Student Club, vice-president of the Historical Studies Society and coordinator of UTM's International Student Resource Center. "These three experiences alone helped me develop skills like public speaking, time management, event planning, stress management and more," he says. "The skills that I developed through those volunteer experiences are the ones that are very important to the job that I am currently doing."  

"Being involved in those organizations also allowed me to meet a lot of people and network in a informal way." It was D'Cunha's supervisor at the UTM Student's Union who helped pave the way to his current position. "I got my current job because of my part-time job working for the UTM Students Union," he says. "My supervisior at UTMSU also worked at MADD Canada, and was a very important reference for me."

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