An Introduction to Socionomics

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Tuesday, Sept 14, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
Live on Zoom or On-Demand



Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could predict the future? How would your life change with such a superpower?

Imagine knowing when to get into the real estate market… or when to stay out. Or perhaps you would use your knowledge to pick the ideal time to run for political office. Or to identify products, services, messages and movements that are most likely to resonate with the public’s changing tastes and desires.

These are just some of the powerful applications of socionomics, a pioneering field devoted to understanding how shifts in social psychology shape trends in social behaviour.

You won’t come away from the webinar with a crystal ball, but you will leave with an ability to identify social mood trends in real time, evaluate how to capitalize on opportunities and how to dodge risks.


Presented by: 

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Matt Lampert 
Director of the Socionomics Institute

Matt Lampert is the Director of the Socionomics Institute, where his research group uses data on social mood to understand and anticipate developments in social trends. His research has been supported by the National Academy of Sciences with funds from the National Science Foundation (U.S.), and his work has been featured by USA Today, CNBC, the Associated Press and other popular news and scholarly outlets. Matt also leads the institute’s Trendtelligence consultancy, which helps entrepreneurs use socionomic insights to improve their strategic decision-making.


Headshot of Imre Gams

Imre Gams (HBA 2012 UTM)
Managing Director for Parallax

Imre Gams is a hedge fund manager, serial entrepreneur, and venture capitalist. He is currently the managing director for Parallax, a hedge fund based in the Cayman Islands. He is also a director and partner for Artemia LLC, an international asset management company with over one billion euros currently under management. Mr. Gams’ expertise in financial markets and investment strategy has led him to co-authoring an investment newsletter with his business partner, legendary investor and trader Andrew J. Krieger, to an audience of over 110,000 readers. Imre has served as a volunteer for the University of Toronto since 2018 and is currently a community member of U of T Mississauga’s Campus Council, a member of the College of Electors, and a Board Director for U of T Mississauga’s Alumni Association. Imre has also held various other volunteer roles at U of T including mentor, keynote speaker and case competition judge to name a few.



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