Oranous Owji (HBSc 2006)

Oranous OwjiSecondary School Teacher, Bronte College Secondary School

Oranous Owji is a passionate and experienced high school teacher at the prestigious Bronte College Secondary School located in Mississauga. She teaches mathematics and business to students with diverse demographics. She has taught students from China, Japan, Nigeria, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Mexico, and many other countries around the world.

Owji received her Honours Bachelor of Science from University of Toronto Mississauga in mathematics and economics in 2006. She then pursued a teaching career and obtained her teaching certificate and qualifications in intermediate and senior divisions.

Owji enjoys helping others who need assistance in learning and brings an extensive knowledge in adult and adolescent education. She believes that everyone is capable of learning if they are provided with the right instructions and mentorships.

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