Canada's Last Ice Area

Ice berg floating on the water on a sunny day

Hosted by UTM Alumni Relations

Wednesday, April 19, 2023 
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM EDT
Online via Zoom

Join UTM's Professor Kent Moore as he examines the changes we are seeing in the Arctic as a result of global warming, and discusses the prospects for the last ice area in Canada.

We hear a lot about the loss of Arctic sea ice. Indeed over the past 40 years, the area of the Arctic Ocean covered by sea ice has decreased by 40% with the ice becoming thinner and younger. All these changes are increasing the stresses on ice-dependent ecosystems as well as on traditional ways of life for Indigenous peoples.  

The oldest and thickest sea ice on the planet is within Canada’s Arctic. This area is predicted to be the last to lose its ice, thus representing an important refuge for ice-dependent species in the coming decades. There is however growing evidence that this old and thick ice is not as resilient as was previously thought.


Presented by

Kent Moore

Kent Moore
Department of Chemical & Physical Sciences, University of Toronto Mississauga

Professor Moore uses theoretical, computational and observational techniques to improve our knowledge of the dynamics of the climate system so as to improve our ability to place currently observed changes to the climate in a long-term context.

Currently, the focus of Professor Moore’s research is in understanding the impact that topographic obstacles such as Greenland and the Himalaya have on the climate in adjoining regions. This work has and will continue to improve our understanding of the changes that are occurring in these regions as the Earth warms.

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