Ariane Laezza (BA 2006)

Ariane LaezzaCo-founder, Art&Industry marketing agency and Sales and Marketing Director, Nubi Tranding Co.

Ariane Laezza has built her own career, combining her personal passions with experiences she gained as a student at U of T Mississauga. Her creative approach to work landed Laezza a job as a sales and marketing director with an international skin care brand and led the the UTM alumna to establish her own communications agency. 

Laezza, who began modelling at the age of 18, worked professionally throughout her academic career at U of T Mississauga. She graduated from from the Communication, Culture, Information & Technology program in 2006 with a specialist degree in visual culture and communications, and completed a certificate in marketing at Sheridan College.

Since then, Laezza has appeared on-air as an entertainment reporter with Rogers Television, and honed her skills as a content writer for a luxury travel company and as a program manager with an experiental marketing agency.

In 2012, Laezza brought her talents and interests together under one umbrella, co-founding Art&Industry, a boutique creative communications agency with a focus on arts and culture based in Toronto.

"I love what I do because I get to be creative everyday in one way or another," Laezza says. "Whether I’m on set, developing content, designing or building relationships with like-minded people, I always try to make sure every moment is genuine – that’s how I find fulfillment in my work."

In addition to her agency work, Laezza keeps up with her passion for beauty and fashion trends as the sales and marketing director for skincare line, Nubi Trading Co. She also continues to work in the fashion industry a model and photographer.

"I'm a creative, curious and passionate person who loves learning new things, collaborating with others and working on projects that enrich culture," she says. "I truly believe that if you love what you do, you will not work a day in your life."

Updated from a story originally published for Backpack to Briefcase.

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