Barriers in the landscape: Examining the school transportation challenges for children with disabilities

27 Oct 2016 - 11:20am
Asha Buliung sitting in power wheelchair

Every weekday morning, Professor Ron Buliung’s five-year-old daughter Asha powers her wheelchair onto a bus – by herself – and goes to school. Seeing her do this always makes Buliung proud, but it can also remind him of the stress and long hours that went into making this seemingly simple travel arrangement.

U of T named best global university in Canada, among best in world by U.S. News & World Report

27 Oct 2016 - 10:42am
students studying under trees

Stellar, cutting-edge research output and impact have landed the University of Toronto in the 21st spot in the U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings of best global universities.

Northern exposure: UTM researcher's Arctic adventures

26 Oct 2016 - 3:53pm
Jochen Halfar holding an algae specimen

While Ontario suffered through a heatwave this summer, U of T Mississauga geologist Jochen Halfar was bundled up in Polarfleece, searching Arctic waters for algae.

As a paleoclimatologist, Halfar studies how climates change and behave over long periods of time. Over the summer, his research took him on two northern expeditions, first above the Arctic Circle near Spitsbergen (Svalbard), Norway, followed by three weeks on a sailboat in Canada’s north.

MScSM "greets the world" through Sustainability Leaders' Series

25 Oct 2016 - 9:55am
Bruce Poon Tip

Eschewing mass tourism for small groups, conservation and community involvement, entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author Bruce Poon Tip talked about "sustainable travel" during the bi-annual Master of Science in Sustainability Management's (MScSM) Sustainability Leaders' Series on Oct. 24 at the University of Toronto Mississauga.

Green spaces at UTM

24 Oct 2016 - 4:41pm

UTM is well-known for its beautiful natural setting, located along the banks of the Credit River.  Wildlife such as squirrels, groundhogs, possums, raccoons, rabbits and deer are commonly seen on campus.

Deer and fawn and goslings

Since 2004, over 20 sites on campus have been removed from mowing and planted with native species of trees and wildflowers.  Removal of invasive species from these sites as well as stewardship and monitoring of these naturalized areas is ongoing.