Bursaries - UTM Abroad



  • UTM Abroad bursaries are available based on financial need; 
  • While we make every effort to support participation of as many students as possible, funding is extremely limited so please ensure the your bursary application is accurate and requested only as needed;
  • Applicants should be prepared to cover the full cost of the experience. Refunds will not be issued should applicants not be selected for a bursary;
  • UTM Abroad bursaries are available for all UTM Abroad Co-Curricular Experiences and UTM Abroad Courses.
  • Bursary amounts vary depending on financial need and can cover up to half the cost of the international experience;
  • Bursary awards will be reviewed by the UTM Abroad bursary committee and will be communicated to participants prior to the second instalment deadline.

Bursaries available

UTM Abroad Financial Need Bursary

  • The UTM Abroad Funding Application must be submitted at the time of application and must be submitted by the application deadline. Visit the UTM Abroad application page for details on how to submit your funding request;

Residence Experience Bursaries

  • The department of Student Housing & Residence Life values co-curricular learning experiences such as UTM Abroad for students during their time in University and has bursaries available for residence students participating in the UTM Abroad program;
  • These bursaries are offered directly by Student Housing & Residence Life and are only available to students living in residence;
  • Applications must be submitted directly to the department and will be reviewed at their discretion;
  • Visit the Residence Experience Bursaries to learn more and apply.