Embrace our Location for Connection, Wellbeing, and Care

Icon representing hands cupping a heart shapeAt our reflection forums in May 2021, UTM students and staff repeatedly raised two lessons reinforced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our physical place enables powerful forms of connection irreplicable elsewhere; our location and expertise provide a basis for the region’s wellbeing and growth. Most immediately, we put these lessons in practice in hosting the region’s first mass vaccination clinic for COVID-19, which administered more than 335,000 doses on our community’s behalf at precisely the point when it mattered most. We can also apply the same lessons over the longer term, deepening UTM’s engagement as a community leader.

Anchored in community-based initiatives—from the Novo Nordisk Network to the Mississauga Economic Resiliency Group—UTM has tremendous capacity to realize explicitly the implicit basis for our operation: we run a public institution for the public good; we discover, create, and learn in Peel because we want to empower Peel’s success—and Toronto’s, too. Our location encompasses our prominent place within the University of Toronto system, which continues to multiply the scope of our impact and empower connections in research, teaching, and civic engagement. We pursue this engagement as the basis of a virtuous circle: many of our students live in Peel, in Toronto, and in nearby Halton; many of our faculty, staff, and librarians choose this area as their home; many of our international students enrol at UTM to join this international milieu. So, we make this region—Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, Toronto, Oakville, and beyond—a core our institutional identity because we belong to the communities we serve. And we celebrate our regional connections as the basis for an even larger reach, proud that our international diversity and unique capacities will enable our ambition for impact: to create change locally that drives change globally.


  • Build community collaborations to improve community health.
  • Propel regional efforts in economic resilience.
  • Incorporate Mississauga’s pasts and presents into campus identity.


  • Have we grown health-promoting projects with leaders in community care, including Trillium Health Partners and Peel Public Health?
  • Have we enabled opportunities for economic development and meaningful employment, including for our employees at UTM?
  • Have we built campus connections with Mississauga as a local and international place?