Tools, Templates & Forms

Commonly used Procurement Forms at the University of Toronto Mississauga include the following:

Invitation to Quote

Standard Operating Procedure

Quote Template – Goods

Quote Template – Services

Quote Template – CFI

Supplier Quote Checklist

UTM Department Purchase Orders

Department Purchase Order Form - to be used for purchases under $4,999.99

Non-Competitive Procurement

UTM Procurement Policy Exemption Justification (PPEJ) Form 2020

 Capital Asset Internal Sale and Disposal

Standard Operating Procedure

Capital Asset Disposal Form

U of T Business and Credit Information

Business or Credit Information 

Purchasing Card

New Card Request

Change Request

MCC Block Lift Request

Amex (Travel & Hospitality) Card

New Card Request



Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement

Contract Extension

Approved Supplier


Supplier Accounts

New Supplier Request

Small Supplier Certification Form

Exporting Goods

Request for Export

Swap Shop Disposal