Faculty Books

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Canadian Political Philosophy - Ronald Beiner


Theorizing Citizenship - Ronald Beiner

Theorizing Citizenship

by Ronald Beiner 

Theorizing Nationalism - Ronald Beiner

Theorizing Nationalism 

by Ronald Beiner

Cover of Democratic Theory and Technological Society


Democratic Theory and Technological Society 

by Richard B. Day, Ronald Beiner, Joseph Masciulli 

Cover of Discovering Imperialism


Discovering Imperialism: Social Democracy to World War I 

Edited by Richard B. Day and Daniel Gaido 

Cover of Globalization and Political Ethics


Globalization and Political Ethics

Edited by Richard B. Day and Joseph Masciulli

Cover of Responses to Marx’s Capital


Cover of Selected Writings on the State and the Transition to Socialism


Selected Writings on the State and the Transition to Socialism

by N. Bukharin (Author), Richard B. Day (Author), Stephen F. Cohen (Author), Ken Coates (Author), Edited by Richard B. Day   

Cover of The Decline of Capitalism


The Decline of Capitalism

by E.A. Preobrazhensky (Author), Translated and Edited by Richard B. Day  

Cover of The Preobrazhensky Papers


The Preobrazhensky Papers: Archival Documents and Materials. Volume I: 1886-1920

Mikhail M. Gorinov (Editor) and Richard B. Day (Editor & Translator) 

Cover of Witnesses to Permanent Revolution


Witnesses to Permanent Revolution: The Documentary Record 

Edited by Richard B. Day and Daniel Gaido  

 The Logic and Power of Violent Display

Show Time: The Logic and Power of Violent Display

by Lee Ann Fujii

To read Edward Schatz's tribute to Lee Ann Fujii and this posthumously published book, click here.

Politics Canada - Graham White

Politics: Canada

by Graham White

Innovation and Social Learning - David A. Wolfe


Innovation and Social Learning: Institutional Adaptation in an Era of Technological Change

by David Wolfe