The Extreme Right

The Extreme Right: Freedom and Security At Risk – Aurel Braun

From the Oklahoma City bombing to the Vladimir Zhirinovsky phenomenon in Russia, manifestations of extremism remain a feature of the post-Cold War era, presenting a danger to both established and emerging democracies. This timely volume examines the threats to freedom and security posed by right-wing extremism in established democracies and by the blend of left- and right-wing extremism in postcommunist states. Providing a strong theoretical framework, the contributors develop analytical tools for recognizing and assessing the dangers of extremism. Cognizant of context and the need for balance, they combine meticulous research and unique interviews with key individuals in case studies that identify the early warning signs of peril from Vancouver to Vladivostock. Written for upper-level and graduate students, scholars and policymakers, this book can be used either as a primary text or as a source of supplementary comparative case studies. Show More Show Less


  • Publisher: Basic Books (Dec. 6 1996)
  • ISBN-10: 081333151X
  • ISBN-13: 9780813331515