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Meet your Advisors

Help is available, in the Humanities Departments! If you would like to speak to an advisor please feel free to email us with your questions or to arrange an appointment.

English Undergraduate Advisor - Dianne Robertson (

Historical Studies Academic Counsellor - (

Language Studies Undergraduate Counsellor - (    

Philosophy Undergraduate Advisor - Jane Mederios (

Preparing for Humanities

The Humanities Department wants to encourage you to participate in two opportunities created specifically for YOU: Humanities Orientation @ O-Week, and LAUNCH! We have seen how these programs have benefited our students in the past and cannot recommend them more. Be sure to register soon to reserve your spots.

Humanities Departmental Orientation:

Register for O-Week here!

Everyone is encouraged to attend this important orientation event. Meet other new students, first year faculty, and learn about academic expectations. 

utm103H5F LAUNCH: Humanities and Social Science

Date: Weekly during the Fall term
Time and Room: There are 6 sections to choose from!
Register: Register for utm103H5F on ACORN.

Did you know that there is a hanging speech bubble at UTM? Do you know how to study effectively? Did you know that you can use up to 6GB of internet bandwidth per day while on campus?

Whenever starting a new journey, there are always tips and tricks to making that journey easier and more fun. Who's better at providing these tips and tricks than someone who has already been through the entire experience?

LAUNCH pairs you with a successful upper-year mentor in your academic discipline to assist you in transitioning successfully to UTM.

Here’s how LAUNCH can help you as a Humanities student:

  • Are you interested in meeting people studying in your field?
  • Do you want to develop your critical and creative thinking?
  • Would you like to learn how to be academically successful?
  • Do you want to find out about campus resources available to students?
  • Do you want make friends and learn about ways to relax and have fun on campus?

LAUNCH is not-for-credit - there is no homework, assignments, or tests! Instead, earn a notation on your Co-Curricular Record (CCR) for completing, in addition to learning some valuable skills, making friends, and having a good time!

Don’t miss out on all the fun! LAUNCH into your UTM experience with us!

Program Entry Requirements

Choosing a Subject POSt

Students request their programs at the end of their first year, as all UofT students are admitted to a general first year program (such as Life Sciences or Humanities). You need to complete a minimum of 4.0 credits as well as any other program enrollment criteria (such as CGPA) before you can be considered for entry into a program. Please refer to the Subject POSt Guide for more information.

Humanities Program Requirements

Once you have or expect to complete at least 4.0 credits, you need to select your programs. Adding a program post will give you priority enrolment in courses that are required for your program but restricted to program students.

You may choose any minimum program combination of your choice and this means that as a student admitted to humanities, you are not limited to selecting humanities programs.  It is up to you which programs you choose and yes, you can combine a humanities program with a social science program, or humanities with a science program. Or if you decide your interests have changed and you want to change programs altogether, that is fine too. Just make sure you have the pre-requisite courses for the programs you want; you can find this information in the Academic Calendar

Program Advising: Department Contact Information

Do you have questions about the program or programs you are considering? Are there program entry issues, or do you have questions about pre-requisites?  Or maybe you just want to make sure you are on track for your program. Each department has an undergraduate advisor/counsellor/administrative assistant you can contact. You can find their contact information in the Academic Calendar under each program section. Again, see the Academic Calendar


What Courses to Take

Take a look at the Academic Calendar to see the large variety of programs that we offer. 

Consider your strengths, your interests and your long term goals.  Then select the first year recommended courses towards those programs.   Make sure you have the pre-requisites if there are any. If you have no idea, then choose a variety of different first year courses to get a feel of what you might want to select as a program after completing 4.0 credits.  Make sure to look out for enrolment controls on the online timetable; some courses have priority or may be restricted. 

Getting Involved with Your Department

Academic Society - English and Drama Student Society (EDSS)

The best way of getting involved in the life of the department is the English and Drama Student Society (EDSS). They hold regular events, writing workshops, and poetry readings. They also publish an online journal of student writing, co-edited by students with faculty members; its title is “With Caffeine and Careful Thought” and you can find a link on the English and Drama website. The department regularly hosts academic speakers, and students are encouraged to attend their talks.

EDSS Website

Academic Society - Historical Studies Society (HSS)

The Historical Studies Society (HSS) is the official academic society, for students enrolled in a historical studies program of study. HSS is student-oriented in its approach to creating a conversation between students enrolled in historical studies programs and courses and faculty from the Department of Historical Studies. 

HSS Website

Academic Society - Language Studies (LSAS)

LSAS’s mandate is to enrich language learning at U of T Mississauga by providing students with an academic and social environment which fosters strong connections between the various programs of the Department.

LSAS website 

Language Studies News and Events

Be sure to check here regularly to see all the events hosted by the Department of Language Studies.  

Academic Society -  Undergraduate Philosophy Society (UPS)

Are you interested in being more involved with Philosophy?  Consider joining the Undergraduate Philosophy  Society ( UPS).  All current information and events can be found on their website/Facebook page.

UPS Website

Get Help

Have more questions?  Visit your Department's Website. 

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