Language Studies Academic Society

Language Studies Academic Society (LSAS)

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LSAS is a student-run academic society, formed in 2011, on behalf of the Language Studies Department at UTM.  

Led by outstanding students, LSAS’s mandate is to enrich language learning at U of T Mississauga by   providing students with an academic and social environment which fosters strong connections between the various programs of the Department.

LSAS aims to:

¨ Provide opportunities for students to experience the international community at University of Toronto.

¨ Connect 1st year students with their peers and faculty to enrich their academic experience.

¨ Offer students the opportunity to explore career options by nurturing ties with the broader community.

¨ Promote the Department of Language Studies.

LSAS Executive Team for 2017-2018:

President: Diala Saab (

VP Finance: Patty Wyslobocka (

Communication Directors: Nicole Sciulli ( and Michelle Galati (

Events Coordinators: Lena Donald ( and Nashwah Afzal (

Marketing Director: Catherine Tessier (

Main LSAS email:

Department of Language Studies - LSAS liaison: Dr. Caroline Lebrec (


Please check LSAS Facebook page for up-to-date events: