Centre for Urban Environments at the University of Toronto Mississauga: Promoting healthy urban environments that are sustainable for all life

Welcome to the Centre for Urban Environments(CUE) at the University of Toronto Mississauga(UTM).

We are living in a time of unprecedented urbanization — the Century of the City. Urban areas are the fastest growing ecosystem on Earth, with 82 per cent of Canadians and more than half of the world’s human population living in cities. This shift from rural to urban dominated societies has produced unprecedented developments in the social, infrastructural and environmental conditions of city life. Rapid urbanization also accounts for roughly two-thirds of all resource extraction, energy use and carbon emissions, driving global changes in climate change, ecosystem health and biodiversity loss. As cities continue to expand, municipalities around the world are grappling with how to build cities that are resilient, adaptable and sustainable. The Centre for Urban Environments was created to address these problems.

Founded in 2018, the Centre for Urban Environments (CUE)  is a transdisciplinary research centre committed to local, national and global leadership in research, education and outreach on urban environmental issues. Comprised of world-class researchers from the University of Toronto, CUE’s vision is to promote healthy urban environments that are sustainable for all life. We are achieving this vision by supporting research and collaboration, training and education, community engagement and public policy.

Visit this website regularly to watch our growth, learn about our initiatives and to see our positive impact on the environment and the people that live in and around cities. Please follow us on Twitter at @CUE_UofT and on Facebook at @CUE.UofT2017

Membership in CUE is open to all U of T faculty, staff and students. Contact us at cue@utoronto.ca to inquire about membership. If you would like to support CUE’s vision, please contact us or click the link below. 

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