Trinbagonian Film Screenings: ‘Short Drop’ & ‘All Skin No Laugh’

Movie posters for Short Drop and All Skin No Laugh

Hosted by UTM Alumni Relations

Thursday, Feb 22, 2024 
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST
Live Online via Zoom

Join fellow alumni for a Trinbagonian short-film screening and live Q&A. Horror/Thriller/Folklore films Short Drop and All Skin No Laugh will be streamed online followed by a live Q&A with Directors Romario Reyes, Israel Silva and Executive Producer Mary-Rebekah Reyes (HBA 2022 UTM).

Both films are rated PG-13.


Short Drop

At a lonesome crossroad, a young woman waits on the taxi stand after partying late. With no public transport in sight at this hour, she begins to grow weary. Only a private car appears on the stand moments later. She approaches the vehicle hesitantly, but she decides to get in, since the driver convinces her that he'll drop her off anywhere she wants to go. The driver eventually strikes up some awkward small talk, which she struggles to follow. As the car ride ensues, the young woman grows uncomfortable due to his unwanted gaze and prying conversation. (Runtime: 9 minutes)

All Skin No Laugh

A boy spends a regular rainy night at home alone when he hears a random knock at the door. Suspicious and surprised, he opens it to a vulnerable, beautiful stranger who needs help. Unbeknownst to him, he welcomes something into his house that he shouldn't. (Runtime: 20 minutes)

Short Drop Credits

Director: Romario Reyes
Executive Producer(s): Mary-Rebekah Reyes, Andre Reyes
Producer(s): Romario Reyes, Valdir Silva
Cameraman: Romario Reyes and Valdir Silva
Writers: Romario Reyes, Valdir Silva, Queanna Julien
Cinematographer: Israel Silva
Editor: Israel Silva
VFX: Alan Lee Pow, Israel Silva
Music and Sound FX: Andrew N.P. McIntosh
Actors: Nwannia Sorzano, Stefan Noreiga
Production Assistant: Kern Salandy

All Skin No Laugh Credits

Director: Israel Silva, Romario Reyes
Executive Producer(s): Liquid Matter Studios
Producer(s): Mary-Rebekah Reyes
Writers: Romario Reyes, Valdir Silva, Israel Silva, Mary-Rebekah Reyes
Cinematographer/Editor: Israel Silva
Storyboard Artist: Israel Silva
Cameraman: Romario Reyes
VFX: Israel Silva
Music and Sound FX: Andrew N.P. McIntosh
Music: Annalie Prime 
Actors: Reuel Warner, Isabel Bacallao
Production Assistant: Queanna Julien, Kern Salandy

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