Shamus Pikk (HBSc 2001)

Shamus Pikk, HBSc'01
Project Co-ordinator, RBC
Shamus leverages his 10+ years of global corporate experience at RBC Financial Group to empower professionals in developing strong value propositions and creating buy-in at any level in order to be seen and heard in the workplace. He is action-oriented and committed to making strategic business decisions that help his firm achieve scalable growth while fostering an organizational ethos of continuous improvement.
Some of his specific operational tasks are to identify daily duties that can be automated in order to create the room needed and remain focused on execution of the banks core strategies. His focus is on process simplification, automation of work items, tools delivered with speed, and reduce manual effort all while mitgating inherent risk. His ability to innovate and use resources effectively while managing costs positions him well to execute client-focused strategy and extend leadership potential across multiple businesses units within RBC Technology & Operations.
It is his ability to disrupt business models through innovation and broad adoption of technology that is a vital factor to RBC's success.  He is responsible to further drive the ongoing integration and transformation of our global operations functions and to ensure we put in place the appropriate tools, process and people so that RBC operates a world-class business continuity facility to further mitigate risk in an ever-changing globally tighter landscape.

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