Faisal Shaheen (HBSc 1995)

Faisal Shaheen, HBSc'95
Manager, Information Management Systems, City of Toronto

Faisal Shaheen is a doctoral candidate in Policy Studies at Ryerson University. He holds an MA in Public Policy and Administration from Ryerson University, an MBA in Strategic Policy and Sustainability from York University and a BSc (Specialized Honours) in Biology and Environmental Science from the University of Toronto. His doctoral dissertation is a comparative policy analysis of service delivery to informal settlements in South Asia's largest cities.

Faisal serves as a Manager of Information Systems at the City of Toronto. Prior to joining the public service, Faisal worked for some of Canada's leaders in environmental technology, analysing market trends and trade barriers specific to water treatment systems. A significant part of his work involved communicating sustainability benefits to small and medium sized manufacturers in light of state and provincial regulations. His experience in local market development and specialized training includes several provinces and states across rural North America.

In addition to his North America experience, Faisal does a considerable amount of lecturing, consulting, training and advisory work internationally. 

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