Cindy Ross Pedersen (BCom 1981)

Cindy Ross PedersenStrategic Volunteer 

Cindy Ross Pedersen is an Internet pioneer with a history of capitalizing on technological innovations. The U of T Mississauga alumna earned her commerce degree in 1981, specializing in business and computer science, and has gone on to build a long careeer in entrepreneurship and volunteerism.

Ross Pedersen's first venture was a software start-up in the mid 1980s, but it was her follow-up that established her reputation as an industry expert on technology. In 1994, when the Internet emerged as a new platform for business, Ross Pedersen founded Adeo Communications, an e-busines firm that helped corporate clients develop consumer-oriented web sites, email campaigns, and mobile wireless solutions. By 2006, Adeo had grown into a successful e-business firm. The maturing of the Internet brought specialization and the timing was right to integrate Adeo into the fast growing field of digitized marketing. Ross Pedersen merged her company with Capital C, a marketing agency, to create a digitally-fueled marketing force. After the meger, Ross Pedersen retired and turned her energies to giving back to her community.

Ross Pedersen is now a strategic volunteer with a commitment to support non-profit organizations domestically and abroad. She donates 1,000 hours of strategic consulting a year, mentors students and new entrepreneurs and stays culturally connected with her hometown of Toronto. Ross Pedersen's volunteer work has been recognized with several honours, including an Arbor Award from the University of Toronto and the Governor General of Canada's Caring Canadian Award. She is developing new models for high impact volunteerism for the Boomer generation.

She is an associate senior fellow with Massey College and president of U of T's Alumni Association, and was an entrepreneur-in-residence with the Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Originally published for Backpack to Briefcase.

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