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Pulling the plug on disposable batteries wins annual SMG competition

 Sunny Gill, Rustom Patel, Mahjabeen Tariq, Mannan Puri, Aseem AliU of T Mississauga's Undergraduate Commerce Society (UCS) held it's 7th annual Show Me The Green (SMG) competition, March 2014. The winning team's pitch: to switch from regular disposable batteries to batteries with USB powered cells.




Student of the Month - Management students bring first TEDx to UTM

Image of Sarah Adnan and Sarah Israr sitting on a red arm chair at TEDx eventRecently named Student Life's Student of the Month, Sarah Adnan and Sarah Israr (current President and Vice-President of SMA) share what inspired them to bring TEDx to UTM for the first time ever! 




Banking students excel in national competition in Vancouver

UTM Commerce students, Jun yo Kim, Sally Lam, Jiachen Yao, and Jin Young HanEconomic and Commerce students place in the top 25 of more than 220 teams world-wide at the 2014 National Investment Banking Competition.

Team members include: Jiachen Yao, Sally Lam, Jun Yo Kim, and Jin Young Han.



UTM Commerce student revolutionizes the business card

UTM Student holding cell phone and business cardAwaad Aamir, Accounting Specialist Commerce student brings paper business cards into the digital age.

"When you interact with somebody's phone, it immediately transits profile information on you - who you are, what you look like, what you do, where you went to school, what you studied."



Aly Madhavji, 2012 BCom graduate shares his personal experiences for all University students

your guide to succeed in university"Do you ever wonder why most alumni or adults say, 'University was the best years of my life'?"

Aly Madhavji, BCom, CIM, shares his experiences with this practical guide.  Aly graduated in 2012 from University of Toronto Missisauga with a Bachelor of Commerce from the Department of Management. Download his free guide onto your iPad, iBook, Kindle, or other Epub.




Why One Student Transitioned From Engineering To Accounting

Avalon D'SouzaHave you considered switching your college or university degree? Do you think such a change is too risky?  University of Toronto student, Avalon D'Souza, took that risk when he decided to pursue accounting after two years of studying engineering. 





Hugh Gunz named Inaugural Director for Institute for Management and Innovation (IMI)

Hugh Gunz named inaugural Director for Institute for Management and InnovationOver the next two years, Hugh Gunz will provide shape and structure to the new institute. He's planning a number of activities to introduce IMI to the UTM and greater Mississauga communities. In the works are seminar series, such as one to introduce budding scientists to the "ins and outs" of commercialization and conferences to draw together interested researchers.

"Our goal is to produce mission-centred managers who understand the science as well as the business for which they are being educated." Read more...