UTM Abroad Glocal Impact Projects

Pictures of student groups in Thailand, Guatemala and Peru

What is UTM Abroad GIP?

UTM Abroad Glocal Impact Projects (GIP) are short term global experiences that promote socially conscious travel and broaden your perspective to better prepare you to solve local and global challenges. While traveling through an amazing new landscape you will learn how global issues connect back to issues within our city and region.

Take advantage of the opportunity to travel, learn about a topic of interest in a unique location, participate in unparalleled community engagement initiatives that will expand your global mindset and develop and understanding of community development and social change. 

UTM Abroad Glocal Impact Projects: A local and global experience

UTM Abroad Glocal Impact Projects (GIP) is your opportunity to travel and volunteer on a local and global level. The word “glocal” is a portmanteau, or a combination of the words, global and local to illustrate the global and local volunteering elements of the GIP program. UTM students in good academic standing from any year of study can participate in the GIP program, which consists of three activities. All the activities in the GIP Program are recognized on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR), which allows for students to achieve three CCR credits upon completion of the GIP Program. By having credits on the CCR, students can display what skills they’ve learnt at UTM, which can be advantageous when pursuing future opportunities. 

Part One:
The first activity of the GIP program are the eight workshops that take place throughout the winter semester. These workshops are intended to teach students about the meaning of volunteering, the theme of their GIP Program, the culture at their global destination, and proper safety measures required for the students when they are travelling abroad. These workshops will take place on Fridays from 10:00am - 12:00pm in the winter semester from January to April 2019. A final reflection project will be submitted in late May, after travel is complete.

Part Two:
The second activity of the GIP program is Alternative Reading Week. For the GIP Program, Alternative Reading Week will take place in the winter reading week, for students to  volunteer in the Mississauga community. The local volunteering will allow students to implement their theoretical learning, from the workshops, towards a practical setting in the Mississauga community. Additionally, the students will be able to learn from their local volunteering experience, during Alternative Reading Week, and contrast it to their global volunteering experience.

Part Three:
The third activity of the GIP program is the Global Volunteering Experience. The Global Volunteering Experience will take place in Spring 2019, where students will travel abroad to participate in global volunteering in either Guatemala or Thailand. The intention of the Global Volunteering Experience is for students to understand the complexities of global volunteering beyond being a tourist in a foreign destination. Similar to Alternative Reading Week, students will be taught in the workshops that global volunteering relies on the needs of our global community members.

The completion of the GIP program will give students the ability to discuss an immersive abroad experience that leaves an impact in the glocal community!


Where can I travel to?

The following UTM Abroad GIPs are being offered in Spring 2019:

What am I committing to?

The GIP Program has three main components:

  • Workshop series in Winter 2019 (2 hours per week for 8 weeks)
  • Alternative Reading Week Placement (20 hours over 3 days)
  • International Travel (10-14 days)

In order to be accepted into the GIP Program, students must be available to complete all components listed above.

Applications for this experience are open from September 1-November 11, 2018.