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Association with the Institute for Management & Innovation

Lindsay Colgan talks to another student

U of T Mississauga’s highly reputable accounting programs are offered through its Institute for Management & Innovation (IMI)—a new model for business education with programming including a multidisciplinary approach to studies in not only management and accounting, but biotechnology, innovation strategy and sustainability.  PAC’s own mission is consistent with, and contributes to, the overall mission of the Institute. The world-class faculty who will develop PAC and its research activities will be drawn from the University of Toronto and beyond.  Students involved in research endeavors will be drawn, where possible, from U of T Mississauga accounting programs, including:

  • Master of Management & Professional Accounting (MMPA)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com.)

PAC will offer students an enhanced opportunity for exposure to the thinking of leading practitioners and researchers.  Graduates will develop an awareness of professional problems and problem resolution, gaining the ability to transition to professional practice quickly and becoming an important source of leadership talent for the profession.