PAC Agenda


Mandu Gu and Eric Wang look at a book

The Professional Accounting Centre will bring together researchers, professional accountants, and regulators to discuss and create new understandings, and to initiate research on key topics such as:

  • Professional values, including the development and awareness of global cultures and working with a multitude of cultural practices, global operations and diaspora.
  • Professional decision making: exemplary decision approaches, renewing criteria for materiality.
  • Professional responsibilities, including developments in professional ethics and emerging dimensions of fiduciary responsibility.
  • Professional tools, including the improvement of financial and environmental disclosure.
  • Understanding professional or unprofessional behaviour: effective motivation, control, and discipline; building an effective professional firm culture.
  • Professionalism in areas of professional practice ranging from management consulting, taxation, investigative and forensic accounting.
  • Professionalism in new areas of involvement, such as environmental accounting and disclosure, risk assessment and management.

These topics will be explored in a variety of modes including themed research funding and conferences, a working paper series, publications in learned and professional accounting journals, and video presentations.  

In creating a hub for faculty collaboration, advanced accounting research and enhanced connection to the professional community, PAC will improve and expand relationships with professional firms while becoming vital in the dissemination of knowledge to aspiring and established accountants and scholars in the field. Ultimately, the Centre will improve understanding of professional issues, leadership, and the overall effectiveness and efficiency of financial operations within enterprises across the globe.