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Meet your Advisor

If you have any questions please email the Undergraduate Counsellor - Steph Sullivan at:

Meet with Steph once a year and especially before you take your final year to go over your program requirements.  Steph can also help if you want to know about course selection, timetable planning, course distribution, missing a mid-term, work study opportunities .

Preparing for Visual Studies

At the Department of Visual Studies, we want to encourage you to participate in two opportunities created specifically for YOU: Visual Studies Orientation @ O-Week, and LAUNCH! We have seen how these programs have benefited our students in the past and cannot recommend them more. Be sure to register soon to reserve your spots.

Visual Studies Departmental Orientation:

Register for O-Week here!

Everyone is encouraged to attend this important orientation. Meet other new students, first year faculty, and learn about academic expectations. 

utm103H5F LAUNCH: Humanities and Social Science

Date: Weekly during the Fall term
Time and Room: There are 5 sections to choose from!
Register: Register for utm103H5F on ACORN.

Did you know that there is a hanging speech bubble at UTM? Do you know how to study effectively? Did you know that you can use up to 6GB of internet bandwidth per day while on campus?

Whenever starting a new journey, there are always tips and tricks to making that journey easier and more fun. Who's better at providing these tips and tricks than someone who has already been through the entire experience?

LAUNCH pairs you with a successful upper-year mentor in your academic discipline to assist you in transitioning successfully to UTM.

Here’s how LAUNCH can help you as a Visual Studies student:

  • Are you interested in meeting people studying in your field?
  • Do you want to develop your critical and creative thinking?
  • Would you like to learn how to be academically successful?
  • Do you want to find out about campus resources available to students?
  • Do you want make friends and learn about ways to relax and have fun on campus?

LAUNCH is not-for-credit - there is no homework, assignments, or tests! Instead, earn a notation on your Co-Curricular Record (CCR) for completing, in addition to learning some valuable skills, making friends, and having a good time!

Don’t miss out on all the fun! LAUNCH into your UTM experience with us!

Program Entry Requirements

Choosing a Subject POSt

Students request their programs at the end of their first year, as all UofT students are admitted to a general first year program (such as Life Sciences or Humanities). You need to complete a minimum of 4.0 credits as well as any other program enrollment criteria (such as CGPA) before you can be considered for entry into a program. Please refer to the Subject POSt Guide for more information.

Visual Studies Program Entry

You may be considered for Program entry after you have completed 4.0 credits so please consider this when taking your courses.  Think about taking your electives in Social Science or Sciences or additional courses in the program to make up the credits.  Enrolment in the VCC Program is highly competitive and will be limited as follows (meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission):

1. Minimum of 4.0 credits to include:

  • CCT109H5
  • CCT110H5
  • FAH101H5
  • VCC101H5

2. Minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) determined annually. It is generally between 2.7 and 3.0 and never lower than 2.2. Minimum 65% average with at least 60% in each course among the following courses:

  • CCT109H5
  • CCT110H5
  • FAH101H5
  • VCC101H5


What Courses to Take: Core, Required, Pre-/Co-Requisite Courses

Course options vary depending on the Program you wish to take. Here is a quick guide:

Art History Specialist Program:

  • FAH101H5
  • VCC101H5
  • 1.0 credit in FAH at the 200-level

Art History Major Program:

1.5-2.0 credits in:

  • FAH101H5
  • VCC101H5
  • and a further 0.5-1.0 credit in FAH at the 200 level

Art and Art History Specialist Program:

1.5 credits: FAH101H5 and 1.0 credit in FAH at the 200 level

2.0 FAS credits from the list below.  All of these courses are open to first-year students.

  • FAS143H5
  • FAS145H5
  • FAS147H5
  • FAS232H5
  • FAS236H5
  • FAS248H5

Art and Art History Major Program:

1.0 credits: FAH101H5 and a further 0.5 credit in FAH at the 200 level

2.0 FAS credits from the below list.  All of these courses are open to first year students.

  • FAS143H5
  • FAS145H5
  • FAS147H5
  • FAS232H5*
  • FAS236H5*
  • FAS248H5*

Visual Culture and Communication Specialist Program:

2.5 credits:

  • CCT109H5
  • CCT110H5
  • FAH101H5
  • VCC101H5
  • and CIN101H5

Getting Involved with Your Department

Department of Visual Studies

The Department of Visual Studies is very active in promoting students’ work to the students, faculty, and staff at UTM. Together with the UTM Department of Visual Studies Student Society, they host art sales, workshops, film festivals and screenings, showcases, and more. Follow them at the Department of Visual Studies website, on the Facebook pages of the Department and the Society, and visit the Blackwood Gallery to see their current exhibition.

Academic Society - DVSSS (Devious Minds)

The Department of Visual Studies Student Society (DVSSS), also known as Devious Minds, purpose as an academic society is to enrich the experience of students at UTM enrolled in Department of Visual Studies programs (AAH, AH, VCC, CIN) by offering support, resources, and events that promote academic, professional, personal, and social development. We are dedicated to building an arts and culture scene on the UTM campus. Membership is free and open to all students of the University of Toronto and new members are accepted throughout the academic year. To join DVSSS, send a note to

For more information vist the DVSSS Website

Get Help

Have more questions? Check out the Visual Studies Website.

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